How To Find Spots With More Resources in Starfield

How To Find Spots With More Resources in Starfield: In Starfield, you’ll certainly need to mine resources in order to craft the best items in the game, such as weapons, mods, ships, and so on. There are numerous planets and moons that you can visit and mine for resources. But your time is valuable, and you do not want to waste it hopping from planet to planet in a world that has  120 solar systems in it.

How To Find Spots With More Resources in Starfield

What if we told you that there is a way to narrow your search for planets with resources in Starfield? That’s right! Starfield Space Ship scanners allow you to monitor and track resources in a somewhat limited way.

Now, before you get carried away, let us tell you that you will still have to manually pinpoint the exact location and mine the resources yourself. However, this method will save some of your efforts and also help you in narrowing down your search. Let us begin our guide on how to find spots with more resources in Starfield.

How To Find Spots With More Resources in Starfield

To do so, you must first disregard the color identifiers and examine the resources available in the biomes. For example, if you have iron in the mountain biome and chlorine in the swamp biome, you must search the planet map and land on the border of the biomes.

After selecting the world map and entering the landing spot icon. It will tell you which biome type it will focus on. Look for a location where a millimeter or two changes the biome to the left or right.

Another example is when you land in the swamp biome and you know that the mountain biome is west. Then you must search for the mountains to the west.

How To Find Spots With More Resources in Starfield

The goal here is to land in each biome for the first time and see what they look like. That is visible on the World Map. Even if you land in the mountain biome, you will not see the color indicator for the iron resource.

However, there is still iron because it is present in all mountain biomes. Similarly, even if it is not obvious, all swamp biomes contain chlorine. Run along the borders of both biomes, but avoid using the hand scanner.

Simply open the hand scanner and press the button as if you were placing an outpost beacon. Use this to search on a larger surface. After running around with it openly, it will show you the radius of the beacon.

As you get closer to the resources, your scanner will start beeping, and then all you need to do is close in on that beeping sound and you will most certainly find your resources.

How to Mine Resources in Starfield

On your journey through the galaxy, you will come across two types of resource deposits, which are further subdivided by resource type. Many of the resource caches are small and exposed. Some of them require an underground search. Use the Cutter for smaller deposits and mining machinery near resource veins for larger deposits to mine resources in the ground.

How to Mine Resources Using A Cutter in Starfield

Your scanner can detect various resources as you move around the landscape. There are resources on common foliage as well as small and large rock formations. Sometimes all you have to do is walk up to the resource and gather it. For example, you can find H20 by walking up to a puddle of water and collecting it. However, the Cutter is more commonly required.

Because it never runs out of ammunition, the Cutter is an excellent mining tool. Simply point it and use the laser to deplete a resource. To speed up the extraction of resources, aim down-sights (right-click on PC) while mining.


Pinpointing locations with more resources can be a bit tricky at times, and might also lead to underwhelming results. However, in our testing, we found some kind of resources with this technique almost every time.

We hope that this guide will help you out in your Space journey in Starfield. Also, read How to Get ECS Security Uniform in Starfield.

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