How to Get ECS Security Uniform in Starfield

How to Get ECS Security Uniform in Starfield: The world of Starfield is full of adventure and excitement, and wearing a security guard uniform can open new exploration and gameplay. Obtaining a security guard uniform can prove helpful, whether you want to gain access to restricted areas or simply blend in with the authorities.

How to Get ECS Security Uniform in Starfield

In Starfield, players take on the role of a member of Constellation, a space exploration organization. Starfield also allows players to customize their spaceships, engage in space combat, and gather resources, allowing them to make decisions that shape their journey.

To help you in the journey, we are here with our guide on how to get an ECS Security Guard Uniform in Starfield. Read along to find out all about this outfit for your space ranger to have.

How to Get The ECS Security Guard Uniform in Starfield

There is a side mission in Starfield that allows you to board a spaceship called “The ECS Constant.” The inside quarters of the Security Officers can be found inside the ship.

An entrance to the Tables that hold the ECS Security Uniforms can be found in the Armory, or opposite the ECS Constant Mess Hall.

To obtain the ECS Security Uniform Outfit in Starfield, interact with the Uniforms and pick them up. Be sure to stay out of sight during the entire process.

How to Get ECS Security Uniform in Starfield

Starfield Gameplay

As an action role-playing video game, Starfield provides an engaging gameplay experience. Throughout the adventure, players can switch between first-person and third-person perspectives. The game takes place in a vast open world set within the Milky Way galaxy, with a mix of fictional and real planetary systems.

Players can explore celestial bodies to with over 1,000 planets, numerous moons, and space stations. These planets and moons are all uniquely detailed, with procedurally generated terrains and environments, providing a unique and immersive experience for each location.

During the mission, they will come across various nonplayable characters who can join their crew, assist in combat. And carry items, and engage in conversations with other NPCs, providing options and consequences that shape the gameplay. At the start of their journey, players can also create their own outposts and customize their character’s body type, appearance, background, and traits.

These characteristics have an effect on gameplay, changing the game dynamically. The game has a complex skill system with five distinct skill trees that allow for a variety of playstyles. Furthermore, players can fully customize their weapons, use jetpacks for combat and exploration, scan planets for resources, build outposts, and even engage in ship combat, emphasizing strategic power allocation and boarding enemy vessels for different interactions.

How to Get ECS Security Uniform in Starfield


And with that, obtaining a security guard uniform in Starfield can open up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing you to enter restricted areas and interact with guards without raising suspicion.

You will be well on your way to rocking your stylish uniform in no time if you follow the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide.

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