How To Get The Biggest House in Starfield

How To Get The Biggest House in Starfield: Starfield is a massive open-world experience in which you can explore the galaxy at your own pace. You can begin by conducting interplanetary surveys, collecting data on rare lifeforms, or becoming a smuggler. But there is another option if you want to live a more laid-back life, settling down to buy a house in Starfield!

How To Get The Biggest House in Starfield

Starfield takes place 280 years after humanity first settled on Mars, and humanity has truly made itself at home in space, complete with luxury houses. After all, a space explorer like you deserves a nice place to kick back and relax after a long journey. Alternatively, your home can be an excellent location for a workshop – the choice is yours.

Starfield, like most open-world games, has mechanics for when you are tired of traveling. It is possible to establish roots and settle in a specific location. Allow us to guide you through the process of how to get the biggest house in Starfield.

How To Get The Biggest House in Starfield

When you buy property in Starfield, you can do more than just set up a place to sleep at night; you can also fully decorate! You can design and customize your house and outposts. If you want to play a specific type of character, this allows you to be very creative.

However, as with anything in a game this large, there are some hoops to jump through before you can set up a house in a new location.

In Starfield, you can actually get a house in more than one way! There are several methods, including the Starfield Dream Home trait, purchasing one, and a few other requests. Players can take over a variety of properties in the game.

It is also, possible to obtain your humble abode in the game early by selecting specific character traits. You can, however, buy property outright. You can also obtain it as a quest reward and connot just buy anything when it comes to property. However, there are houses for sale in most of the major areas of Starfield.
  • The simplest way to buy a house in Starfield is to simply buy one. This method is not related to any missions in the game. Aside from having the funds to purchase it! However, the price of the property varies. Some planets are more desirable than others, as you may have discovered while scanning them in Starfield. A piece of real estate in a high-traffic area or a penthouse will be more expensive than something more basic.
  • There is also a way in which you can choose to own a house in Starfield without having to spend a lot of credits.
  • The Sleepcrate in Neon, priced at $6,500, is on the low end of the price spectrum. This location is like dystopian rental listings you might see in the real world or a capsule hotel. It is a cramped quarter with barely enough room for a bed. You can, however, go higher, such as the 235,000 credit Astral Lounge Penthouse or the 78,000 credit Core Manor.
  • To buy a house in Starfield, you simply need to find the NPC in charge. You can talk to whoever oversees the sale. All you need to do is accumulate enough credits to purchase the property.
  • To buy property in places like New Atlantis, you must first complete quests. These are areas where citizenship is required to own property. To make an offer, you will need to clear the necessary quest and then collect your credits so you can finally finish purchasing a home in Starfield!
How To Get The Biggest House in Starfield

Alternate Way to Buy a House in Starfield

Using a specific trait is probably the simplest way to get a house in Starfield. You can choose the Dream Home trait for your character, which will grant you a unique home. This quest line will appear at some point during the game, usually early on. Completing it grants you the Dream Home.

One thing to remember about the Dream House is that it is not free. Instead, you are essentially in debt from the start of the game. You owe 125,000 credits in lieu of getting the biggest possible house early on in Starfield. This must be repaid at the rate of 500 per week. It is not a huge debt, but it’s something to keep in mind when choosing your Starfield character traits.

Mercury Tower Penthouse – Biggest Free House in Starfield

There is a Penthouse property in New Atlantis that you can get for free. It is one of the largest spaces you can buy, so it’s well worth the effort to get one. To do so, you must complete the questlines in the United Colonies. That will take some time, but the penthouse is a high-level reward for your efforts.


These are the various methods for purchasing the biggest home in Starfield. It is a system that allows you to be creative.

Even if you use the Starfield Dream Home trait, unlocking the nicer bits of the property will cost you quite a bit. However, it is well worth purchasing a home on the planets you visit the most.

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