Starfield – Weapon Shop Location in Akila City

Starfield – Weapon Shop Location in Akila City: You should visit Akila City, which is home to Starfield‘s space cowboys. There are numerous dedicated businesses throughout the city, making it an excellent site for stocking up on supplies, particularly firearms and ammunition. Not to mention two decent Starfield player mansions that are reasonably priced.

Starfield - Weapon Shop Location in Akila City

Therefore, allow us to tell you all about the majestic Akila City in Starfield and where to find it’s weapon shops and other player amenities with ease.

Starfield: Akila City Location

Akila City is located in the Cheyenne system on the planet Akila. It is a little out of the way from most other civilization systems, although it’s directly northeast of Alpha Centauri on the star chart.

The Rock is the city’s most notable feature, serving as the Freestar Rangers Headquarters and the starting point for the quest with the same name. Completing it earns you a free Starfield ship, so you should absolutely look into it.

It is also one of the greatest places to stock up on ammo, with a weapons shop on the main street and another in the back streets selling a decent selection of firearms. It also has a nice general store where you can get med packs, Starfield ship parts, and Starfield Digipicks.

Aside from that, if you roam about long enough, you’ll undoubtedly come across side quests and small adventures when you overhear chat or fall headfirst into a new story.

Starfield – Weapon Shop Location in Akila City

In Akila City, there are two weapon shops where you can restock your arsenal. Each of them is described in detail below.

The Rowland Arms

Rowland Arms is a tiny business near the main structure in the city center. The screenshot above depicts the store’s actual location. To reach there, simply stand with your back to The Rock’s entrance and walk straight until you see a little wooden sign with the store’s name on the right.

Firearms Laredo

Rowland Arms is a more popular store with a greater selection of firearms, but it is not as near to the center as Laredo Firearms. To get there, proceed forward and to the left of The Rock. As you move diagonally, you will come upon a little corridor with a container on top. Continue beyond it and turn right. A weapon store can be found at the dead end. While you’re here, be sure to read our post on how to re-enable your Starfield achievements.

Starfield - Weapon Shop Location in Akila City

Starfield: Akila City Doctor Location

It is very important to keep track of your health because the skills you have upgraded will not always entirely restore your HP. In such instances, you can seek medical attention from a doctor, who can be found on practically any developed planet.

To go to the right place on Akila City, you must first visit The Rock, the city’s primary structure, which can be seen in the screenshot above. Go inside and then to the left to the Infirmary door. You will see a registration table in the next room, and after speaking with Mary, you can ask for the doctor’s assistance.


Many valuable shops and NPCs can be found when visiting a city that is not the most developed in the game but still has an existent civilization. There will be numerous locations where you can spend your Credits.

Akila City, like other towns you can visit while traveling through space, has everything you need to equip your character and regenerate your health.

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