Starfield: High Price To Pay [Guide]

Starfield: High Price To Pay Guide: As the name suggests, High Price To Pay is a difficult main mission in Bethesda’s Starfield, which comes with a ‘High Price’.

Starfield: High Price To Pay [Guide]

High Price to Pay is the 11th main task in Starfield, and it can be started any time before the Artifact from the ‘No Sudden Moves’ quest has not yet been returned. Regardless, it is time to deal with a surprising Starborn revelation and prepare for some sudden consequences and a death that could affect the players.

In this Starfield adventure, tragedy strikes players and it is wise to prepare and stock up on a save file, plenty of health, ammo, and weapons, etc. So, to help you out through all this, here is the Starfield: High Price to Pay Guide.

Starfield: High Price to Pay: Should You Stay at the Lodge or Go to The Eye?

As you proceed through the main campaign of Starfield, you will encounter a quest named High Price to Pay. The Hunter, a member of the mysterious Starborn who is not pleased with you snatching Artifacts and gathering powers, is attacking The Eye, Constellation’s satellite office of sorts.

Because half of your companions are at the Lodge and the other half are on The Eye, you must decide whether to stay and defend the Lodge or travel up to The Eye to save the wounded.

Starfield: High Price To Pay Guide: Path 1 – Defend The Lodge

In the Lodge, players can decide to remain and fight in this mission of Starfield. The Hunter captures Walter as a hostage and uses a camouflage ability that pushes players into combat against him. It is wise to engage with Hunter atleast once to acquire a great weapon. However, he will not die here.

With the Artifact pieces collected by Noel, the group flees The Hunter’s pursuit. The Hunter is relentless and will not give up, so it is best to just focus on being safe for now.

When players arrive at The Eye, they will realize they are too late. Most of their companions are hurt, but there has been a deadly incident among the crew, and the character with the best relationship with the player in Starfield will be killed. Players may have lost their favorite character or Spouse as a result of this.

After assisting the injured crew to their feet, players must board their ship once more and create the Armillary, the new term for the Artifact’s parts. Players can choose to carry it, build it aboard their ship, or use an outpost.

Starfield: High Price To Pay [Guide]

From here, players must return to the Lodge and speak with Matteo, who will give them the next primary objective in Starfield.

Path Two: Go To The Eye

In order to save their companions, players must choose the path that leads them past The Eye’s defense in Starfield. Defending the Lodge, Barrett decides to barricade the door as soon as possible, rushing to the front door before The Hunter attacks.

Players can rush to the Starport and fly straight to the Eye to dock and check on their crew. On board, they will discover that all their companions have been injured, but none have died. This signifies that they were successful in saving their beloved companion. Once everyone is up and healed from their injuries, players should go to the Lodge and check on the casualty that has hit Constellation.

When they enter the Lodge, the members who were left behind to defend themselves are found lying on the ground, injured, but only one of them dies. Barrett, the companion with the worst connection, sacrificed his life to protect the crew, and he now lies dead on the floor.

At The Eye, visit Vladimir then determine the storage location for the Artifact pieces. The High Price to Pay mission ends when players select a companion to lose based on their connections.

High Price To Pay: Rewards

Players who complete the “High Price to Pay” quest in Starfield will receive important rewards. There are 11,800 Credits, a Calibrated Constellation Pack, and 800 XP to be obtained. These items serve as both a reward for successfully navigating the quest’s difficult decisions and as essential tools to help your character grow in the game.

Starfield: High Price To Pay [Guide]

The mix of credits, equipment, and experience points delivers a rewarding sense of accomplishment and helps them in their future quests in Starfield’s vast galaxy, ready to confront new challenges and make even more consequential choices.


There appears to be no way to save all of your companions. It is unknown how close you need to be to them in order to save them if you choose to travel or stay where they are not.

If you want your romantic interest to survive, we suggest going to wherever they are; otherwise, you might as well arrange a backup. You are going to run against The Hunter and his relentlessness anyway, so be prepared.

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