Baldur’s Gate 3: Amulet of Bhaal Location

Baldur’s Gate 3: Amulet of Bhaal Location: Getting to Bhaal’s Temple in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a difficult task. In fact, doing so is one of the most difficult problems in Act 3. This long adventure will have you dragging your feet as you traverse every inch of the underground and the most hidden spots in the Lower City.

Baldur's Gate 3: Amulet of Bhaal Location

One important artifact that you need for the quest is the Amulet of Bhaal. In this article on Baldur’s Gate 3, we will tell you the Amulet of Bhaal Location and how to find them in order to proceed wit the quest. And save Valeria in the process.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Amulet of Bhaal Location

The quest “Investigate the Murders” rewards the “Amulet of Bhaal.” Go to the third floor of Fraygo’s Flophouse to begin the quest. This structure is located immediately across the Span of Wyrm’s Crossing waypoint.

Open the lockable closet on the third floor to find a hidden room behind it. The Bhaalist Target list is on a table with a Bloodstain Parchment. When you get the Bhaalist list from the room, the “Investigate the Murders” quest in BG3 begins automatically.

Show Valeria the Target List.

Continue to Sharess’ Caress and meet with Inspector Valeria. She is a flying elephant who can be found on Sharess’ Caress’ second level. This place is directly across the street from Fraygo’s Flophouse.

Baldur's Gate 3: Amulet of Bhaal Location

Choose “Tell her about the murder target list you discovered.”

She will give you the lower city pass as well as the location of Constable Devalla at Elfsong Tavern.

Speak with Gauntlet Devella.

Go to the Elfsong Tavern, which is northwest of where you are now. Enter the tavern and talk to guard Fist Rusk, who is near the stairs.

Talk to her and use the following dialogue: “Tell her about the murder target list you discovered.”

Pass through the guards to the second floor, then enter the small room to find Devella.

Gauntlet Devalla will assign you the task of saving the people on the list. Meanwhile, she will decide to seek the upper city on her own.

Locate the victims on the Bhaalist Hit List.

You can start by saving three surviving targets and then analyze one dead target.

Chef Roveer

He’s in the Elfsong Tavern’s kitchen. Enter the kitchen from the basement. Before departing to save the next victim, speak with him and select the following dialogue option.

Baldur's Gate 3: Amulet of Bhaal Location

Cora Highberry

She may be found outside a house southeast of Elfsong Tavern, where the wine festival is being held. Speak to her and use the dialogue below.

“Poison. Beauteous. Sickly and delicate.”

Dolor will appear at this time and threaten to murder you and your party for ruining his fun. To obtain the Tombstone Shop Key, kill all assassins at the wine festival and plunder their bodies.

Track down Serial Killer Figaro Pennygood.

He may be found within Facemaker’s Boutique, east of the Baldur’s Gate quick travel point. Enter through the massive double doors on the right side of the building.

Dolor will be assaulting Figaro Pennygood. Defeat the four assassins before searching Dolor’s body for a handbag and a letter.

The victim’s hands are in the handbag, as is a message indicating the likely location of the Bhaalist Cult inside Candulhallow’s Tombstones.

Baldur's Gate 3: Amulet of Bhaal Location

Enter the Tombstones of Candulhallow.

To find the Candulhallow’s Tombstones, go to the Basilisk Gate Fast Travel point near the Lower Cities’ entrance within Baldur’s Gate 3.

Head far right from the Basilisk Gate Fast Travel point and enter the building. Then proceed to the third area, which contains some interactive objects.

Approach the painting and remove it to expose a button to disclose the concealed door. To gain access to the secret passageway, click on the button.

Click the button to enter the secret location with the code you chose from Dolor’s note. Sicarius is the zodiac sign.

Infiltrate the Murder Court.

Turn right after going down the stairs from the entrance. Continue until you reach a fork in the road. To enter Tribunal Antechamber, open the door to the right.

Speak with the guard at the murder tribunal and give him the bag. Choose the next conversation option.

“I gave my life to be here. And took the victim’s hand as evidence.”

Enter Murder Tribunal after passing by the guards. Speak with and accompany Sarevok Anchev to the hidden chamber. Valeria is bound to the ground in this location.

Baldur's Gate 3: Amulet of Bhaal Location

Kill Sarevok and Free Valeria

You will have two options at this point. Either kill Valeria and become unholy to join the ranks of the assassins, or kill Sarevok Anchev to rescue Valeria from her terrible fate. Use the following response to begin a battle.

“There will be bloodshed, Sarevok. “I’m going to slaughter you.”

Sarevok must be defeated and killed. Take the Sword of Chaos, Sarevok’s Horned Helmet, Amulet of Bhaal, Map to Bhaal Temple, and Abattoir Key from his body. Finally, use your sword to cut Valeria’s chains and set her free.


And with all that detail, we have finally come to the end of your quest to finding the Amulet of Bhaal location in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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