Starfield- Quantum Essence [How To Get and How To Use]

Starfield- Quantum Essence Quantum Essence is one of the most mysterious and valuable items in Starfield, the epic space adventure game from Bethesda. Quantum Essence is a consumable item that boosts your Starborn power regeneration speed for 60 seconds, allowing you to use your gravity-based abilities more often in combat. But what is Quantum Essence, where can you find it, and how can you use it effectively? In this guide, I will answer all these questions and more.

What is Quantum Essence?

Quantum Essence is an item you can consume to increase the speed at which your Starborn power replenishes for a duration of 60 seconds. Each time you utilize a power, your Starborn power is depleted, indicated by the blue bar diminishing in the bottom right corner of the HUD below the health bar. When the bar is empty, you are unable to utilize any additional powers until it refills. Quantum Essence can assist you in using your powers more frequently and for extended periods of time.

How to get Quantum Essence?

Quantum Essence is a rare item that you can only get by defeating Starborn enemies. These enemies are hostile aliens that will attack you once you collect specific artifacts or unlock certain powers while following the main questline. They can teleport and shoot energy blasts at you, so they are not easy to defeat. However, if you manage to kill them, they will drop one Quantum Essence each, which will be added to your inventory automatically.

Starfield- Quantum Essence

There are 12 artifacts and 12 powers in the game, so you can potentially get 24 Quantum Essences by completing the main story. However, there is also an achievement called War of Angels that requires you to collect 20 Quantum Essences, so you may want to save some for later.

Starfield- Quantum Essence

How to use It

To utilize Quantum Essence, access the pause menu and navigate to the Powers section, where you can choose the item. You will see a timer on the screen that shows how long the effect lasts. While it is active, your Starborn power regeneration speed will be increased significantly, allowing you to use your powers more often and with less downtime.

Quantum Essence is best used when you are facing tough enemies or bosses that require a lot of firepower. You can also use it when you want to have some fun with your powers and experiment with different combinations. However, you should be careful not to waste it on trivial encounters or when your Starborn power bar is already full.

Starfield- Quantum Essence

Conclusion For Starfield– Quantum Essence

Quantum Essence is a valuable item that can enhance your Starborn power experience in Starfield. It is obtained by killing Starborn enemies that appear during the main questline. It can be used to increase your Starborn power regeneration speed for 60 seconds. You should use it wisely and strategically to get the most out of your powers.

I hope this blog post has helped you understand what Quantum Essence is, how to get it, and how to use it in Starfield. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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