How to Find UC Vanguard Unique Legendary Armor Set in Starfield

How to Find UC Vanguard Unique Legendary Armor Set in Starfield Starfield is a sci-fi RPG that lets you explore the galaxy and join various factions. One of the factions you can join is the UC Vanguard, a military branch of the United Colonies that specializes in combat and defense. The UC Vanguard has a unique legendary armor set that you can obtain by completing a specific quest. This armor set is called the UC Vanguard Spacesuit, and it has the following stats and effects:

  • Armor Rating: 75
  • Damage Resistance: 25
  • Energy Resistance: 25
  • Radiation Resistance: 25
  • Fire Resistance: 25
  • Frost Resistance: 25
  • Shock Resistance: 25
  • Poison Resistance: 25
  • Effect: Increases your damage output by 25% when your health is below 50%.

The UC Vanguard Spacesuit is a powerful armor set that can help you survive and deal more damage in combat. It also has a sleek and futuristic design that matches the UC Vanguard’s aesthetic. Here is how you can find and obtain this armor set in Starfield.

How to Join the UC Vanguard

To get the UC Vanguard Spacesuit, you need to join the UC Vanguard faction first. You can do this by traveling to the planet New Atlantis, which is the capital of the United Colonies and the home base of the UC Vanguard. You can find New Atlantis in the Settled System, the region of space where the game takes place.

Once you land on New Atlantis, you need to go to the UC Vanguard Headquarters, which is located in the central district of the city. There, you will meet Major Hadrian Sanon, the leader of the UC Vanguard. She will offer you to join the UC Vanguard and give you a series of missions to prove your loyalty and skills.

You can accept or decline her offer, but if you want to get the UC Vanguard Spacesuit, you need to accept it and complete the UC Vanguard missions. There are 10 missions in total, and they will involve tasks such as fighting enemies, Infiltrating bases, sabotaging operations, and retrieving intel.

How to Find UC Vanguard Unique Legendary Armor Set in Starfield

How to Get the UC Vanguard Spacesuit

The UC Vanguard Spacesuit is the reward for completing the 10th and final mission of the UC Vanguard questline. This mission is called The Terrormorph, and it will send you to the planet Londinion, where you will face a dangerous alien creature that has been terrorizing the UC Vanguard outpost there.

  • To start this mission, you need to talk to Major Sanon after completing the 9th mission, which is called Hostile Intelligence. She will tell you that the UC Vanguard has located the source of the alien attacks on Londinion, and that they need you to go there and eliminate the threat. She will also warn you that the alien is a massive and powerful beast that can rip through armor and flesh with ease. She will give you a special weapon called the UC Antixeno Rifle, which is designed to deal extra damage to aliens.
  • You need to equip the UC Antixeno Rifle and travel to Londinion, which is also in the Settled System. Once you land on Londinion, you need to go to the UC Vanguard outpost, which is marked on your map. There, you will meet Captain Paxton, who will brief you on the situation and lead you to the alien’s lair.
How to Find UC Vanguard Unique Legendary Armor Set in Starfield
  • The alien is called the Terrormorph, and it is a huge and fearsome creature that resembles a cross between a dragon and a scorpion. It has a long tail, sharp claws, and a mouth full of teeth. It can also spit acid, shoot spikes, and summon smaller aliens to aid it.
  • The Terrormorph is a tough and challenging boss fight that will test your skills and equipment. You need to use the UC Antixeno Rifle and aim for its weak spots, which are its head, tail, and belly. You also need to dodge its attacks and avoid its acid and spikes. You can also use grenades, mines, and other weapons to deal more damage and create distractions.
  • Once you manage to deplete the Terrormorph’s health, it will collapse and die. You will then be able to loot its corpse and find the UC Vanguard Spacesuit, along with some other items and resources. You will also receive a radio message from Major Sanon, who will congratulate you on your victory and thank you for your service. She will also tell you that you have earned the rank of UC Vanguard Elite and that you can return to New Atlantis to receive your official recognition and rewards.

Conclusion for How to Find UC Vanguard Unique Legendary Armor Set in Starfield

The UC Vanguard Spacesuit is one of the best armor sets in Starfield, as it provides a high protection and damage boost. It is also a unique and legendary item that can only be obtained by joining the UC Vanguard faction and completing their questline. If you want to get this armor set, you need to follow the steps above and be prepared for a long and difficult journey. However, the rewards are well worth the effort, as you will not only get the UC Vanguard Spacesuit, but also gain access to more missions, perks, and items from the UC Vanguard. We hope this blog post helped you to find and obtain the UC Vanguard Spacesuit in Starfield.

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