How to Fish in Genshin Impact

How to fish in Genshin Impact: The new Genshin Impact fishing update adds more to the game than just collecting them. There are fishing places to locate, respawns to consider, and more in Genshin Impact 2.1. You can start catching some fresh Koi, Pufferfish, or a Tea-Colored Shirakodai with only a fishing rod and some bait.

Naturally, this fishing business has some interesting benefits. If you unlock the Genshin Impact fishing ability, you can trade your haul for a complimentary four-star Polearm entitled ‘The Catch’. A fish pond for the Serenitea Pot may also be purchased.

Here’s all you need to know about how to fish in Genshin Impact. Everything from how to unlock it to creating fishing bait and discovering every fishing area in Teyvat is covered.

How to Unlock Fishing in Genshin Impact

You must first acquire the Serenitea Pot feature before you can use the Genshin Impact fishing system. This private realm feature will be activated once you have reached Adventure Rank 35 and completed Archon Quest Chapter I Act 3 ‘A New Star Approaches.’

If you complete all of these prerequisites, the Journal will include a new World Quest named ‘Exploding Population.’ To permanently unlock the Genshin Impact fishing system, simply continue the tale and accomplish the objectives.

Exploding Population Quest Walkthrough

First and foremost, you need to enable quest navigation in your Journal (under the ‘World Quest’ menu). Your first destination will be in Mondstadt, where you will meet Katheryne at the Adventurer’s Guild. Next, speak with the NPC directly outside the gate before proceeding to the fishing pond north of Springvale (facing Mondstadt). You must catch your first fish here.

Next, travel to the fishing spot north of Starfell Valley in order to capture an ‘ornamental’ fish. This species of fish may be identified by its jumpiness (normal fish just stays in the water). After that, the only thing left to do is return to the NPC’s position just outside of Mondstadt and finish the chat. You have now unlocked the Genshin Impact fishing feature!

How to Catch a Fish in Genshin Impact

Fishing may be done by interacting with Fishing Points, which are indicated by ripples in the water. You must then choose your rod and bait.

Different types of bait will attract different types of fish, and certain fish will only be present in specific regions. There are 20 different species of fish, and each one might be either decorative or normal. Ornamental fish are harder to capture and are transferred to your Serenitea Pot inventory rather than your materials inventory.

  • Hold down the cast button to aim, then release it to cast. Aim the hook close to a fish, but not so close that it scares it away.
  • When the fish grabs the bait, hit the ‘raise hook‘ button; a bar at the top will display your line tension.
  • Keep the line tension in the yellow highlighted zone when reeling in the fish.
  • By holding and releasing the button, you may alter the tension.
  • The circle under the bar represents your fishing progress; it will automatically complete while your tension is in the yellow zone and drain when it is outside the zone.
  • When it is completely depleted, the tension bar turns red. The fish is dangerously near to escaping, so adjust your tension to prevent this.
  • When the bar becomes orange, the fish is battling hard, and the line tension changes more quickly.

Genshin Impact Fish Respawn Times

With all the new features, the community is hurrying to grasp every nuance of information and final details. The current consensus on Genshin Impact fish respawn timings is that it takes a day for supplies to refill. However, stories on how it all works differ greatly – some claim you can advance time to catch more fish, while others claim it doesn’t. With fish emerging on AM and PM cycles and in various groupings, it appears that individuals are having difficulty determining exactly how it all works.

How to Make Fishing Bait in Genshin Impact

After a few successful catches, you may discover that you require extra fishing bait. Fortunately, you can simply make some extra. You already know how to manufacture Fruit Paste Bait, which you can make at a crafting station.

Wheat and Sunsettia fruit paste bait are Used to catch all tiny fish species, including dawncatchers, crystal fish, and all types of Medaka.

Redrot bait consists of fowl and dendrobium. Catching larger, slimmer fish such as Akai Maou, Betta, Lunged Stickleback, Venomspine Fish, and Snowstrider.

Berry and Slime Condensate False Worm Bait– Angelfish and Shirakodai are caught with this bait.

Horsetail and Sakura Bloom Fake Fly Bait- This bait is used to catch the most elusive fish species, such as Koi and Pufferfish.

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