How to Get Infinity on a Bow Minecraft

How to Get Infinity on a Bow Minecraft: Surviving in Minecraft might be difficult at times, and if you’re having trouble keeping the durability on your shield, armour, or sword, you can resort to ranged attacks.

How to Get Infinity on a Bow Minecraft

However, choosing a bow and arrow as a primary weapon will not be easy.

For example, having enough arrows will still require considerable effort. As a result, plan to spend some time searching for feathers and collecting flint from gravel before walking into danger with a bow.

If gathering resources and making arrows sounds tedious, you can loot arrows from skeletons. But it will not be as fruitful, and you’ll only get five to ten arrows per night.

However, there is a method by which you can bypass all these laborious activities while still enjoying shooting foes with arrows.

If you obtain the “Infinity” enchantment, you will be able to shoot limitless arrows.

How to Get Infinity on a Bow in Minecraft

Assume you fished or discovered a book with the Infinity Enchantment on it, or you were fortunate at the enchantment table, and the enchanted book is now in your inventory.

The next stage is to transform the enchanted book’s perk into a bow.

Simply make an anvil, approach it, and lay the bow beside the book. Because this is a recipe, the resultant item will be a bow with the infinity enchantment.

How to Get Infinity on a Bow Minecraft

Now, in case you are unaware of these items from Minecraft, you must be a beginner trying to make your way through.

So, let’s see how to quickly get Infinity Enchantment in Minecraft and easily obtain Minecraft’s infinity Bow. Let’s define it and weigh its advantages and disadvantages.

What is infinity Enchantment in Minecraft?

The infinity enchantment only affects bows in Minecraft. This enchantment’s primary effect is to allow the player to shoot arrows indefinitely.

The infinity enchantment, unlike the bulk of Minecraft’s enchantments, does not have levels. As a result, it will always remain at the same tier – level one.

The infinity enchantment can be used in conjunction with other enchantments. It cannot, however, be combined with the “mending” enchantment.

Furthermore, the arrows must be normal, which means that spectral arrows, for example, will not work.

It is critical to remember that for this enchantment to activate, you must have at least one arrow in your inventory. Even after shooting the bow, the arrow will remain in the inventory.

Finally, you will be unable to retrieve any of the arrows you shot while wielding an infinity-enchanted bow.

How To Get Infinity Enchantment in Minecraft?

Although the enchantment appears to be legendary, there are numerous ways to obtain it quickly, just like there are numerous ways to duplicate goods in Minecraft, so let’s investigate those methods.


Let’s begin with the most difficult. Fishing is one of my favourite in-game activities, despite the fact that I know it may be really tedious.

Apart from fish, it supplies a good quantity of miscellaneous goods, making it incredibly resourceful.

It’s not rare, for example, to find magical goods and even enchantment books. I recall using an enchanted fishing rod with the luck of the sea in one of my Minecraft runs.

It should be easier to obtain better things from Fishing after that.

So, through fishing, one can strike gold and retrieve an enchanted book with the infinity trait. However, relying only on this strategy is dangerous because it can take a long time to obtain the necessary charmed book.

It’s worth noting that with an unenchanted fishing rod, your chances of capturing an enchanted book are only 0.8%.

How to Get Infinity on a Bow Minecraft

Let’s have a look at the odds of capturing enchanted books using rods that have the Luck of the Sea perk.

  • Tier 1: 1.2%
  • Tier 2: 1.5%
  • Tier 3: 1.9%

It’s critical to remember that these chances are for books with any form of enchantment, not just the infinite one.

Making an AFK fishing farm is a great method to get your money’s worth out of fishing. That way, you can catch a lot of fish without getting tired of sitting and staring at your rod’s bobble.

It’s critical to remember that these chances are for books with any form of enchantment, not just the infinite one.

Making an AFK fishing farm is a great method to get your money’s worth out of fishing. That way, you can catch a lot of fish without getting tired of sitting and staring at your rod’s bobble.

Librarian Villagers

When you come across a village, keep an eye out for the library. If you happen to come across a community with a librarian, make sure to check what products he is prepared to exchange

You will need an infinity enchantment book to get started.

However, there is another way to pursue this strategy – by constructing your own village. If you go this route, be sure to train as many villagers as possible to become librarians.

Make sure a lectern is nearby if you want a jobless villager to become a librarian. Enclosing baby villagers in a confined space with some lecterns is one technique.

It’s not impossible to find a librarian villager eager to trade an infinite enchantment book. However, make sure you have at least five to nineteen emeralds, which is their average price.

If you’re having trouble finding a settlement, you might try manually changing the biomes in Minecraft.

Enchantment Table

The best approach to enchant an item is to use the enchantment table. If you have the right setup, any item, including bows, can produce a new enchantment.

However, this method does not guarantee that you will receive the infinite enchantment.

For example, because the enchantment table can grant random bonuses, you might be unfortunate if you don’t have another option for earning the infinite enchantment.

Still, if you go that path, make sure you have three lapis lazuli and your player level is greater than 30. Then you must place an item in the enchantment slot, which can be either a bow or a book, and pray for the best.

Chest Loot

Enchanted books are frequently found on loot boxes inside dungeons, mineshafts, temples, pillager outposts, and old cities, among other places. For example, in one of my most recent Minecraft plays, I discovered an infinity enchanted book within a spider spawn room in a mineshaft.

Of course, this method is equally as difficult and time-consuming as fishing, but it is still possible.

The chances of finding an enchanted book in a treasure chest are substantially higher in library chests inside strongholds, with odds ranging from 67% to 72%.

Nonetheless, you have a 14% chance of finding an enchanted book in mineshafts, dungeons, or wooded palaces.

Desert temples and water ruins have a 21% to 23% chance of harbouring charmed books, whereas pillager outposts have an 11% chance.

However, as with fishing, these changes apply to all enchanted books, so you’ll have to rely on luck to find the infinite one.

This bring our tutorial on how to get Infinity on a Bow in Minecraft has come to an end. Also, read How to Block/unblock Friends in Minecraft.

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