How to get League medals in Clash of Clans in 2022

How to get League medals in Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans is a real-time approach to recreation where you’ll take your troops and assault different bases. Likewise, you will need to protect your base from invaders with the aid of fortifying your Base. As such, you’ll want plenty of assets to accomplish this. One of the best methods of doing this is by way of getting a whole lot of League Medals. League Medals are special tokens that you may trade for sources in the shop. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which you can get league medals in Clash of Clans.

How to Get League medals in Clash of Clans?

Because the call implies, League Medals are acquired via the grand Clan Wars League. A Clan War League is a battle tournament between eight Clans. This match is 8 days long and every member gets one attack step daily. The primary day is the instruction day and after that, the attack segment and preparation segment arise on the same day. Relying on which position and tier your clan finishes and the number of stars you collected by attacking the clan war league medals will be awarded. The higher the league and position of your clan in the Clan war league the more medals the clan mates will receive.

A Clan can be positioned in a rank that degrees from Bronze III to Champion I. The better the Rank of the clan & the placement your clan completed in the Clan war League, the more League Medals you’ll get. Here is a breakdown of the number of medals the clan mates will receive.

How to get League medals in Clash of Clans

Relying on how your Clan finished, you will get that quantity. But that amount additionally varies relying on what number of Stars you bought inside the battle. If you have eight Stars and above, you will get the complete 100% of the awarded medals. 7 Stars get you 90%, 6 will give 80%, 5 is 70%, four is 60%, 3 is 50%, 2 is 40%, 1 is 30%, & zero stars gets you 20% of the Clan War League Medals in Clash Of Clans.

How to get League medals in Clash of Clans

In case you need to get a constant quantity of League Medals then you definitely have to take part in every battle of Clan War League and be energetic in the Clan. Why you ask, properly that’s due to the fact the chief and Co-leaders have the capability to provide Bonus League Medals to gamers they deem worthy.

Do you need to play in Wars to receive the medals?

You don’t need to necessarily play in the wars to receive medals. Even if you are not selected on the battle day and registered in the clan war league roaster of your clan you would still get medals. But as mentioned earlier if you play no wars so you will have 0 stars in the Clan war league. The players having 0 stars are awarded only 20% of the total medals of the particular tier.

Another way of getting medals after the clan war league is through the bonus medals. After the league is finished the leader and the co-leaders can distribute some bonus medals to selected members of the clan. If you are lucky or had a good performance during the wars you may receive some bonus medals too.

That was all about the Clan war league medals. Also read, how to add friends on Discord.

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