How to Get Pets in Islands Roblox

How to Get Pets in Islands Roblox: Roblox Islands is a massive Minecraft-style game in which players can make goods, communicate with others, fight enemies and bosses, and even acquire pets!

How to Get Pet in Islands Roblox

These are amusing tiny creatures that you can equip and have to follow you around. While there have always been animals in the game, there has never been this much diversity added until the Lava & Pets update on September 18th, 2021!

If you are wondering how to get pets in Roblox islands, this guide will teach you how. But first, let us first understand what these pets are.

What are Pets in Islands Roblox

Pets were added on July 17, 2021. They are passive mobs that will follow the player wherever they go. Pets can be equipped in the pets UI, which can be accessed by clicking the Pets Icon.png button. Players cannot equip numerous pets at the same time.

Pets can be equipped, unequipped, and named through the pet user interface, which is represented by a paw on the left side of the screen. Players can equip/unequip pets by clicking on the unlocked pet’s box and name them by typing in the field beneath the pet’s emblem. When first spawned, all pets have the default name “Name Me!”

Note: Pets presently serve no useful use. They will follow their owner around any island, but will not assist in combat, mining, or any other action.

How to Get Pets in Islands Roblox

To obtain Pets in Roblox Islands, you must defeat bosses. Almost every boss in the game now has a pet that will drop at random if the boss is killed. The drop rate looks to be 0.33% on each of the bosses, implying that you’ll have to kill them numerous times to obtain the pet.

The following pets can be obtained from bosses:

  • Bhaa Pet
  • Dragon Pet
  • Kor Pet
  • Slime King Pet
  • Wizard Boss Pet

Let us now proceed to understand how to get each one of these pets in Islands Roblox.

Bhaa Pet

To find the Bhaa Pet, go to the Desert Island and kill the Bhaa boss, which can only be summoned by collecting 500 Bha Tokens. These tokens can be obtained by defeating iron, gold, and ruby skorps. Iron skorps drop five tokens, gold skorps drop ten tokens, and ruby skorps drop twenty-five tokens.

Dragon Pet

The Dragon pet may be gained from the Underworld’s Infernal Dragon boss. To spawn them, you’ll need 750 Underworld Tokens, which you can get by mining opal rocks, defeating Magma Blobs, and opening Infernal Dragon Eggs.

How to Get Pet in Islands Roblox

Kor Pet

The Kor pet may be earned from the Diamond Mines’ Kor boss. To generate them, you’ll need 500 Kor Tokens. It can be gained by slaughtering Buffalkors.

Slime King Pet

The Slime King pet may be gotten from Slime Island’s Slime King. To spawn them, you’ll need 500 Slime King Tokens, which you may get by defeating Green, Blue, and Pink Slimes.

How to Get Pet in Islands Roblox

Wizard Boss Pet

The Wizard Boss pet is available from the Wizard Boss on Wizard Island. To spawn them, you’ll need 500 Wizard Boss Tokens, which you may get by killing Wizard Lizards.

How to Get Pet in Islands Roblox

The Slime King Pet is most likely the easiest to obtain because it is accessible to most gamers. Additionally, you will want to do most of these on a Public Server. Here, other people will be generating these bosses while you are playing. Just remember to hit them before they die or you will not get any stuff!

That is everything we have on how to get pets in islands Roblox. For more coverage on Roblox and other games, consider visiting our website here.

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