How to Get Sarevok’s Horned Helmet Location in Baldur’s Gate 3(BG3)

How to Get Sarevok’s Horned Helmet Location in Baldur’s Gate 3(BG3) Sarevok’s Horned Helmet is a very rare and powerful item that you can obtain in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). It is a medium helmet that grants you the following effects:

  • Deathbringer’s Sight: You gain Darkvision up to a range of 3m, or 15m if you already have it. The number you need to roll a Critical Hit while attacking is reduced by 1. This effect can stack.
  • Dauntless: You can’t be Frightened, and cannot be afflicted with other emotion-altering conditions. Constitution Saving Throws +1

This helmet belongs to Sarevok Anchev, a notorious villain and a follower of the god of murder, Bhaal. To get this helmet, you will need to find and kill Sarevok in the Murder Tribunal, a secret cult that worships Bhaal and performs ritual killings. In this blog post, we will explain how to access the Murder Tribunal and how to defeat Sarevok.

How to Get Sarevok's Horned Helmet Location in Baldur's Gate 3(BG3)

How to Access the Murder Tribunal

The Murder Tribunal is a hidden location that you can only access in Act 3 of the game, after you have completed the quest Investigate the Murders. This quest involves finding clues about a series of murders that have been happening in the city of Baldur’s Gate, and discovering that they are connected to the cult of Bhaal.

To access the Murder Tribunal, you will need to do the following steps:

  • Go to the gravestone maker’s building near the graveyard and the Elfsong tavern. You can find it on the map as a building with a skull sign.
  • Enter the building and remove the painting off the wall. You will find a lever behind it. Flick the lever to open a secret passage to the Bhaal Temple.
  • Enter the Bhaal Temple and proceed to the end of the corridor. You will see a door with a skull symbol. This is the entrance to the Murder Tribunal.
How to Get Sarevok's Horned Helmet Location in Baldur's Gate 3(BG3)

How to Defeat Sarevok

Once you enter the Murder Tribunal, you will see a large room with a circular platform in the center. There are several cultists and victims around the platform, and a hooded figure standing on it. This is Sarevok, the leader of the cult and the final boss of this quest.

There are two ways to approach this fight:

  • If you have rescued Valera, a victim of the cult, in the previous quest, she will be here and will try to stop Sarevok. You can join her and fight the cultists and Sarevok together. This will make the fight easier, as you will have an ally and fewer enemies.
  • If you have killed Orin, a rival of Sarevok, in the previous quest, you will be seen as the Dark Urge, a chosen of Bhaal. You can challenge Sarevok to a one-on-one duel for the leadership of the cult. This will make the fight harder, as you will have to face Sarevok alone, but you will avoid fighting the cultists.

To defeat Sarevok, you will need to use the following strategies:

  • Use ranged attacks or spells to damage him from a distance. He has a low dexterity and a low armor class, so he is vulnerable to attacks that require a Dexterity Saving Throw or an Attack Roll.
  • Use spells or abilities that can reduce his strength or constitution, such as Ray of Enfeeblement, Bane, or Hex. This will lower his damage output and his saving throws.
  • Use spells or abilities that can inflict conditions that can hinder his movement or actions, such as Slow, Hold Person, or Web. This will prevent him from reaching you or using his multiattack feature.
  • Use spells or abilities that can heal yourself or your allies, such as Cure Wounds, Healing Word, or Lay on Hands. This will help you survive his attacks and keep fighting.
  • Once you have defeated Sarevok, you can loot his body and get his Horned Helmet, as well as his Sword of Chaos and his Amulet of Bhaal.

Conclusion for How to Get Sarevok’s Horned Helmet Location in Baldur’s Gate 3(BG3)

We hope this blog post helped you to get Sarevok’s Horned Helmet location in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) and enjoy the game with this awesome item. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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