How to get Super Troops in Clash of Clans

How to get Super troops in Clash of Clans:

In Clash of Clans, Super Troops will do more harm in step with double efficiency than your everyday Troops might so that they’re remarkable for the offence. Dark Elixir or super Potions might be your price ticket to unlocking these Troops.

Advantages of using Super troops in Clash of Clans-

Super Troops are basically similar to your regular Troops in Clash of Clans, most effective they’re greater powerful and have unique competencies. Although Super Troops exist for a short duration(3 days) when you’ve transformed your regular Troops, they can be particularly useful. Since the Super Troops’ offence is boosted once they’re in this shape, you’ll need to plan to convert them when you need to release an attack and do greater damage per second.  All of the cutting-edge styles of Super Troops you can make encompass:

How to get Super troops in Clash of Clans

  • Super Barbarian
  • Super Archer
  • Super Giant
  • Sneaky Goblin
  • Super Wall Breaker
  • Rocket Balloon
  • Super Wizard
  • Super Dragon
  • Inferno Dragon
  • Super Minion
  • Super Valkyrie
  • Super Witch
  • Ice Hound
  • Super Bowler
  • A way to Get amazing Troops

To get Super Troops, you’ll want to hit a few necessities first:

  • Your town hall needs to be upgraded to at least level 11 (super troops are not available below th11)
  • You’ll need either 25,000 Dark Elixir or a Super Potion to boost super troops in your village.
  • You should have your regular Troops at the required level to boost them into super troops (shown within the Super Troops Barracks)

Note: You may technically get Super Troops through clan donations before your town hall is at level 11, instead of making them yourself.

If you’ve hit the above necessities, open the Super Troops Barracks (the building that looks as if a barrel) and faucet on which Troops you’d like to convert. You will see containers at the bottom that show alternatives: 25,000 dark Elixir or one Super Potion (if available). Select any of these options, and your Troops can be converted into Super Troops.

How to get Super troops in Clash of Clans

How do Get Dark elixir and Super potions to boost Super troops in Clash of Clans?

To get Dark Elixir, you may want a town hall level of at least 7. Dark Elixir may be used for Troops, Spells, and upgrading Heroes. It could be accrued via the use of the Dark Elixir Drill, which also can be upgraded to be a greater powerful drill. Alternatively, you can additionally thieve Darkish Elixir. The greater Trophies you have, the more Dark Elixir you may be capable of stealing.

Super Potions, on the other hand, are extremely easy to obtain. You could just purchase one from the dealer for three hundred gemstones. You could earn gemstones through achievements, by clearing trees and rocks for your village, and by removing the gem box that appears in the village now and then.

Some more points regarding Super troops

There are a few factors you’ll need to keep in thought when coping with Super Troops:

  • The Super Troops upgrade will end just after 3 days
  • You can prompt two Super Troops at the same time
  • Super Troops are not eliminated from the military Camps once they expire
  • Super Troops can be trained with the resources that their regular form use
  • Super Troops require greater Housing space than their regular versions require
  • Super troops usually cost more than their regular versions and their training time is also higher than the regular timing.

This was all about Super troops and ways to get them. Also read, How to add friends on Discord.

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