How To Get The Collector’s Outfit in Starfield

How To Get The Collector’s Outfit in Starfield Starfield is a sci-fi RPG that lets you customize your character with various armor and apparel items. Some of these items are unique and have special stats and appearance. One of these items is The Collector’s Outfit, a suit that belongs to Petrov, a wealthy and eccentric collector of rare artifacts. In this blog post, I will explain how to get The Collector’s Outfit, what are its stats and benefits, and how to wear it.

How To Get The Collector's Outfit in Starfield

Ways to get The Collector’s Outfit:

How To Get The Collector's Outfit in Starfield
  • You can eliminate Petrov by taking him down while you’re on the quest and searching his corpse. Doing so will result in hostility between you and Petrov’s crew, and you’ll forego certain conversations and rewards.
  • To successfully finish the quest without any trouble, opt for Pickpocket Petrov. This will necessitate having a proficient Stealth skill and relying on luck, given that Petrov is encircled by guards and surveillance cameras.

To kill Petrov, you can either sneak behind him and attack him when he shows you his collection of items, or confront him and choose the aggressive dialogue options. Either way, you will have to fight your way out of his ship and escape.

In order to steal from Petrov without causing harm, you have two options: convince him to hand over the artifact using your charisma or intelligence, or divert his attention by activating a nearby switch that sets off an alarm.

The Collector’s Outfit stats and benefits

The Collector’s Outfit has the following stats:

  • Armor: 15
  • Charisma: +2
  • Intelligence: +1
  • Luck: +1
How To Get The Collector's Outfit in Starfield

It also has a unique appearance that makes you look like a sophisticated space traveler. It is one of the best outfits for social situations and dialogue checks.

The Collector’s Outfit has some benefits that make it worth getting:

  • It increases your reputation with the Starfield Consortium faction by 10%, which can help you get better prices and quests from them.
How To Get The Collector's Outfit in Starfield
  • It unlocks some unique dialogue options with certain characters who recognize Petrov’s suit, such as Barrett, one of your potential companions who has a history with Petrov.
  • It allows you to access some areas that are restricted to Petrov’s guests, such as his private lounge on The Eye space station.

How to wear It

The Collector’s Outfit is compatible with most helmets and packs, but not with spacesuits. You can only wear it on planets or stations that have breathable atmosphere. If you try to wear it on a hostile environment, you will lose health rapidly.

Conclusion For How To Get The Collector’s Outfit in Starfield

The Collector’s Outfit is a unique and stylish suit that you can obtain in Starfield by completing the quest “No Sudden Moves”. It has good stats and a distinctive look that can help you in social interactions and dialogue checks. You can get it by either killing or pickpocketing Petrov, a collector of rare artifacts who has a connection to one of your companions. The Collector’s Outfit is one of the many apparel items that you can find and wear in Starfield.

I hope this blog post has helped you learn how to get The Collector’s Outfit in Starfield. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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