How To Get The Vampire’s Gift Weapon in Starfield?

How To Get The Vampire’s Gift Weapon in Starfield? Starfield is the latest game from gaming goliath Bethesda. The creators of popular series like Borderlands and Diablo return with their flagship game, ‘Starfield.’ The game, which took 12 years to develop and perfect, allows players to explore and complete quests across the Milky Way Galaxy.

How To Get The Vampire's Gift Weapon in Starfield?

Naturally, with such a huge open world present, there also exist powerful weapons and secret locations that are bound to make you fall in love with the game. One such early weapon that can be acquired in Starfield is the Vampire’s Gift.

In this article, we will tell you all about the Vampire’s Gift gun in Starfield. Let us begin our blog with looking at how to get the Vampire’s Gift weapon in Starfield.

How To Get The Vampire’s Gift Weapon in Starfield?

To embark on our quest for the Vampire’s Gift, we must first complete the “Hostile Intelligence” objective. After finishing the main plot and achieving level 25, this task becomes available. So, before entering the unknown, make sure you have completed these requirements.

After activating the “Hostile Intelligence” task, it’s time to track down the enigmatic Lieutenant Azedo. This mysterious character can be found in Solara Prime’s bustling spaceport. To go to Solara Prime, go to the Galactic Hub and then take an interstellar transport to the planet. Once there, make your way across the spaceport, looking for a tall, distinguished figure dressed in military garb – that’s Lieutenant Azedo!

You must speak with Lieutenant Azedo in order to obtain the Vampire’s Gift. When interacting with him, make the dialogue choice concerning what weapons is he selling. This opens a chat option in which you can offer to buy 2 unique weapons from him.

You will have two unique weapons to choose from, these are –

  • Reckless Bombardment, which is sold for around 70k Credits.
  • Vampire’s Gift, sold for around 14k Credits.
How To Get The Vampire's Gift Weapon in Starfield?

Now here is the tricky part, since you are relatively new in the game, having that kind of cash lying around in your inventory might not be feasible for some of you. We recommend that you save up for Vampire’s Gift and visit Lieutenant Azedo to purchase it from him whenever you are ready.

And with that, you should have added Vampire’s Gift to your collection in exchange for 14000 Credits.

Tips and Tricks to Get Vampire’s Gift

Consider the following suggestions and methods as you progress through the “Hostile Intelligence” quest to improve your experience:

Playstyle: The Reckless Bombardment and Vampire’s Gift both provide significant benefits. The Reckless Bombardment is particularly effective at dealing area-of-effect damage, decimating groups of opponents. The Vampire’s Gift, on the other hand, regenerates health with each successful hit, making it ideal for survivability-focused playstyles.

Experimentation: Don’t be scared to try out both weapons and evaluate which one best suits your fighting style. Because Starfield has a deep and dynamic fighting system, experimenting is essential in order to find the best weapon for your character.


While the Vampire’s Gift is an unquestionably strong weapon, do not limit yourself to just one legendary weapon. Starfield is full of hidden riches and secrets, so keep exploring to find even more legendary weapons that suit your playstyle.

And with that, we have offered you all that is disclosed about Vampire’s Gift for the moment. As the game is freshly out, there still are hundreds of weapons and mysteries that require your attention. But do not worry, we at Gameophobic will be here with more such amazing content as and when it is revealed.

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