How To Get Unique Katana in Starfield

How To Get Unique Katana in Starfield: Starfield offers its players a variety of weapon options to fit their play style. Some of the weapons are scattered all across the active systems in the Milky Way Galaxy, some are readily available to be purchased from vendors found on habituated planets like Neon, while the more powerful ones are locked away or hidden behind quests and hidden locations.

How To Get Unique Katana in Starfield

The Wakizashi, like the Mark I Spacesuit and Razorleaf spaceship, is a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment that cannot be looted from an enemy’s corpse. Instead, the Wakizashi can be found in a variety of galaxies and rarities, with some offering perks such as lacerate, which randomly applies bleed damage, or anti-personnel, which deals increased damage against humans.

Therefore, having the Wakizashi in your arsenal is a must. And so, we are here with a complete guide on how to get the unique weapon Wakizashi Katana in Starfield.

How To Get Unique Katana in Starfield

For those who are wondering, you can get the Wakizashi Katana in Starfield in two ways. The first one is located in the light city of Neon with the Seokbuh Syndicate. And the other you can get by infiltrating and completing Striker Gang Missions.

It is worth noting that the Striker Gang Katana is a common variant of the legendary Wakizashi Katana found at the Syndicate Hideout. Allow us to explain both methods in detail.

Seokbuh Syndicate Unique Katana

Once on Neon, look for the Ebbside district, which is located next to the Volii Hotel. From there, look for Frankie’s Grab + Go, a cute little shop with a secret entrance to the Seokguh Syndicate’s hideout, an underground gang of sorts.

You can persuade shop owner Franchesca Moore to open the foxhole door for you, but stealing her keycard is a better option here. In any case, once inside the hideout, it is simply a matter of exploring the maze-like structure until you come across a yellow weapon case on a table.

Loot that, and you will have the Syndicate Enforcer, the unique Wakizashi Katana in Starfield, all to yourself.

There is also an alternate way of entering the Syndicate Hideout, read our blog on How To Get Inside Seokguh Syndicate in Starfield to find out more.

How To Get Unique Katana in Starfield

Alternate Method: Get Unique Wakizashi Katana in Starfield

Many players have reportedly discovered that there is another method that involves a side quest in which you join a Neon gang an obtain the Katana.

Strikers are an old gang that used to be feared throughout Neon until the rival gang the Disciples took over their territories.

Without giving any spoilers to the Striker Gang storyline, we can tell you that you will meet the arms dealer Hatchet before completing the entire set of Strikers missions. And after doing a quick job for gang leader Briggs. Hatchet will be selling a few weapons, including a common Wakizashi Katana.

Unique Katana in Starfield: Upgrades

It is not enough to simply wield a katana. To fully utilize an OP melee build, you must still select and upgrade all necessary attributes. There are many skills that can help flesh out such a build, such as Fitness to increase your oxygen (stamina) or Gymnastics to combat slide and reduce fall damage. Let us walk you through the katana upgrades that will take your unique Wakizashi Katana to the next level.

The Combat Tree

  • Crippling: Humans have a higher chance of becoming down, and when maxed out, that status effect applies to all enemy types.
  • Dueling: Melee weapons deal more damage, you take less damage when wielding a melee weapon, and melee kills health when maxed out.

Physical Tree

  • Martial Arts: Increases the chance of a critical hit with a melee weapon, increases your chance of disarming enemies with power attacks, allows you to take less damage, and, when maxed out, allows you to reflect damage back when blocking with a melee weapon.
  • Pain Tolerance: Reduces physical damage and, when maxed out, allows you to ignore physical attacks when your health is low.
  • Rejuvenation: Rejuvenation regenerates your health outside of combat and, when maxed out, allows you to regain health while fighting.
  • Wellness: Improves your overall health.


And with that, we have discussed all there is to it on how to get the unique katana in Starfield. There are two methods of obtaining the Wakizashi. If you do not wish to go out of the way, just keep a lookout for it during the side-mission where you need to infiltrate the Seokbuh Syndicate Hideout. Alternately, you can complete the Striker Gang Side story missions to gain access to it.

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