How To Land Parachute Faster In PUBG Mobile

How To Land Parachute Faster In PUBG Mobile | Fastest ways to drop in PUBG mobile: After taking the Gaming world by storm PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was launched on Mobile in the month of March 2018 for both the Android and iOS platforms respectively.

Being a full on shooter, complete with everything you would expect from a game carrying the PUBG name, there are restrictions on which devices are capable of playing it. Even if you meet those restrictions, depending on the device currently in your hands you might find that the overall experience is either brilliant, or unfortunately, not quite as brilliant as you might have hoped. Regardless, being able to play PUBG at all is quite an achievement on a mobile device in our opinion, so what do you need if you want to be able to join in? We are glad you asked.

In this Article we will be covering up, “How to drop faster than your opponents and reach the drop site before anyone else”.

1. Horizontal area covering, Vertical drop | Land Parachute Faster In PUBG

In this drop, we use the plane to make our drop the fastest.

We will wait to drop until the time the plane is closest in distance to the drop site where you want to drop. To find out when to drop out of the plane when it is closest to the drop site.

  • Swiping the right side of the screen move the Field-of-view to the horizontal view of the plane where you create a 90-degree angle looking straight at the wings of the plane. Something like this:-
    How To Land Parachute Faster In PUBG Mobile

    • Then start dropping when the compass reaches in the middle.

    • After dropping, first cover the area by right swiping the field-of-view upside, so that the player is moving horizontally covering up the area.

      How To Land Parachute Faster In PUBG Mobile

    • After you reach the place horizontally, start dropping vertically at full speed.
      How To Land Parachute Faster In PUBG Mobile

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2. Vertical left/Right swipe drop | Land Parachute Faster In PUBG


This trick the fastest way to drop in all of the tricks.

In this trick, the main thing is the distance to drop site. If the drop site is between 750m-800m then this will work and you will be able to land 10-15 seconds faster than the rest of the players and have edge over the other players.

  • To do this correctly first you have to choose a place that is in the reach of 750m-800m of the plane’s path.
  • Then after reaching the closest distance to the site, all you have to do is to drop out of the plane, create a vertical drop angle, and start dropping slightly left/right wherever the target is. Here is an example of how to do that.How To Land Parachute Faster In PUBG Mobile

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