How to Logout from Valorant

How to Logout from Valorant: Valorant has quickly caught the collective consciousness of FPS fans. Riot’s competitive shooter was released only two years ago, yet it already competes with the largest titles in its genre.

How to Logout from Valorant

Valorant is Riot’s best attempt at Counter-Strike, but it’s the ways it changes Valve’s blueprint that make it great. Anonymous counter-terrorist gangs have been replaced by a cast of colorful agents with talents that complement their personalities. Agents quip at each other at the start of rounds and breach the fourth wall to proclaim they’ve eliminated the opposing team’s “imposter.” It has the same cheery spirit of Overwatch, which makes every loss feel a little friendlier.

Users of the popular PC game Valorant can compete against one another as well as other players from all over the world. Throughout the gameplay experience, there are times when players just want to logout from the game itself. For any reason, the player will be forced to log out of their account and exit the game. If you, like many other Valorant users, want to do the same, this article on How to logout of Valorant is for you, my friend!

How to Sign-out from Valorant

Players can log out of their accounts in Valorant by using the game’s sign-out option. After logging out, the player is returned to the login screen, where they can either re-login or create an account. It is also feasible for the player to log in using a different account than their own.

How to Log Out in Valorant

When you are on the Valorant home screen, tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

How to Logout from Valorant

Then, from the popup menu, select “Quit to Desktop,” and then click the associated button.

You will notice a new popup prompting you to “Sign Out & Exit” as well as “Exit,” and in order to exit the game, you must click the “Sign Out & Exit” button.

How to Logout from Valorant

When you finish playing Valorant and pick the “Sign Out & Exit” menu option, both your account and the game will be closed. During this time, you will lose all progress you have made. You must first start a new game session to play the Valorant game again. After this, the game will take you to the login screen. From here, you can sign in with the same account or a different one.

Why Logout in Valorant?

When a player has to re-login to Valorant, sign in from another account, fix a sign problem, manually update the game, or for any other reason, they must first log out.


Are alternate accounts allowed in Valorant?

Using or boosting another player’s account to artificially enhance your rank is against the Terms of Service. Furthermore, this will result in a permanent ban. Trolling, harassment, or flaming other players are forbidden by the Terms of Service, and players who participate in such behavior risk having their accounts cancelled.

However, we have a complete guide on How you can safely shuffle between accounts in Valorant. Visit our website here, for more details on Valorant and other exciting games.

Can you get banned in Valorant for smurfing?

Smurfing is referred to as when a highly skilled player matches with unskilled beginners. This is a very common practice in multiplayer games, although frowned upon!

Riot aims to outlaw the usage of smurfs in Valorant in accordance with their Terms of Service. Over the last few months, the American company Valorant has received a considerable number of complaints regarding smurfed and boosted accounts. In response to these concerns, the corporation has decided to apply stringent majors to address the issue.

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