How to Switch Accounts in Valorant

How to Switch Accounts in Valorant? Valorant is a brand new online multiplayer FPS game that has taken over the gaming world. Millions of people check in every day to play the game, which is immensely popular. The game’s appeal stems from its distinct gameplay and aesthetics, which are unlike any other game on the market. People enjoy playing Valorant for a variety of reasons.

How to Switch Accounts in Valorant

The game is incredibly entertaining and addictive. It is difficult to stop playing once you start. Valorant gamers also have a strong feeling of community. The game has been out on multiple platforms and therefore has countless players logged in at any given time.

If you have already played Valorant on any of the platforms such as PC or PS, you more than likely would want to restore your previous data of the game. Now, we are nobody to judge your reason for it, but it is our duty to help you! Therefore, here is a complete guide on how to switch accounts in Valorant.

Create an Alternate Riot Account

You must have a secondary (or primary) Riot account in order to switch accounts in Valorant. If you already have a Riot account linked to the account you are switching to, skip this step and head onto the next section. As for the rest of you, read on!

You can create an account by going to the Valorant website and clicking the “Create an Account” option. Make sure to also have a Riot account to create a Valorant account. also, you can link your Valorant account to your Riot account after you have one.

You will then be prompted to enter your email address, date of birth, and password. After that, you will be able to log in to your new account and begin playing Valorant.

How to Switch Accounts in Valorant

How to Switch Accounts in Valorant: Sign Out of Current Account

In order to sign out of your Valorant account, you will have to first open the Riot Launcher. From there, simply click on your profile icon and then select the Sign Out option.

In some cases, the game will receive an update; if this occurs, signing out is simple. Simply go to the gear button in the bottom right corner, click it, and the option to sign out will appear on the left side of the launcher.

If no update is available, the game’s launcher will automatically open the game, although there are still choices to exit the game. Once in the game, simply go to the upper right corner, click on the gear icon, and select the “Exit to Desktop” option. Don’t be deceived by this choice because it also allows you to sign out.

After selecting the exit and sign-out option, you will be signed out of Valorant.

How to Switch Accounts in Valorant: Login to Alternate Account

To log in to your alternate Valorant account, make sure you possess the account id and the password. These details are imperative in order to log in to Valorant. In case your old account still shows up, follow the below steps to switch accounts.

Once logged in, click the name of your profile in the upper right corner, followed by ACCOUNT to access the account administrative page. Then, under the heading PlayStation Network, click the script LINKED ACCOUNTS, followed by the grey button DISCONNECTION. Then, check all the boxes and press the red DISCONNECT button.

Now that your previous account is no longer linked to your Riot, you can connect a new one or use the other profile that your console has generated. Simply launch Valorant on your switching console and follow the on-screen instructions.

Unfortunately, we have concluded our guide on How to switch accounts in Valorant. For more exciting content, visit the Valorant section of our website.

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