How to Play Minecraft Modded with Friends

How to Play Minecraft Modded with Friends: Minecraft has long been regarded as one of the most popular video games in the world. While many people attribute this to the expansive capabilities and seemingly limitless potential in single-player, one of the key reasons is the opportunity to play Minecraft with friends from all over the world.

How to Play Minecraft Modded with Friends

Minecraft singleplayer is fantastic, but playing multiplayer with others can greatly broaden one’s gameplay experience. There are numerous ways to play with friends, including LAN servers, which allow you to connect with players who are connected to the same internet as you, Realms, which allow you to play with players from all over the world, and servers, which is by far the most popular option because it allows you to play modded Minecraft with your friends.

You might be wondering how to play Minecraft online and which option is the best for you. Here is our blog on how to play Minecraft Modded with Friends.

How to Join a LAN World in Minecraft

Minecraft allows you to connect with your pals through LAN. This will only be available to people in your local network. For example, if a buddy comes over to your house and connects to your wifi, you can invite them to join a LAN world.

How to Build a LAN World

  • Start Minecraft and enter your single-player world.
  • To access your Game Menu, press the escape key.
  • Press “Open to LAN”, then decide if you want to enable cheats and what game mode you want the other users to have, then press “Start LAN World”.

Enter the LAN World

  • Click the “Multiplayer” tab in Minecraft.
  • You should notice a notification that says “Scanning for games on your local network” at the bottom of the list.
  • When it locates the world, it will display a listing called “LAN World” with your friend’s login and the world name underneath it.
  • To join, double-click it, or select it and use the “Join Server” button.

How to Make a Modded Minecraft Server for Friends

Having your own Minecraft server is one of the best methods for you and your friends to connect through Minecraft. Having your own server is superior to the other solutions for several reasons: You can set it to any version of Minecraft, alter it beyond Vanilla, and there is no limit to the amount of players who can join (of course, you would need a powerful server depending on the number of players you want online.) Playing Minecraft Java Edition with friends on a customised server is one of the most adaptable and enjoyable ways to play the game.

Keep in mind that you cannot connect to a Bedrock Edition server using your Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or any other similar platform. It can only be joined via a PC (Windows 10 Edition), an iOS device, or an Android device.


You can also use Minecraft’s built-in Realms if you don’t want to use server hosting. This is not recommended because Realms does not allow the use of mods/plugins, it severely limits player slots and regulates who can and cannot join, and it is extremely expensive for what you receive. Furthermore, you do not receive any of the server hosting perks such as 24/7 support, one-click modpack and gametype installations, the opportunity to create a public world that anyone can join, and much more. However, if you want to play Minecraft with buddies on Xbox, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch.

How to Make a Java Edition Realms Server

  • Launch Minecraft and select “Minecraft Realms.”
  • Click “Buy Realm” at the bottom of Minecraft. This will lead you to Minecraft’s website, where you can create an account and set up your subscription.
  • If you already configured a Realm, you will see a listing for it. You can also click “Subscribe,” which will lead you to Minecraft’s website where you can configure the Realms.
  • Once you’ve paid for it, go back to Minecraft’s Realms tab and you should see the listing with a green light. Press it, then press the “Play” button.

Joining a Realms Server in Java Edition

  • You must have been invited to join a Realms Server.
  • Go to Configure Realms, then the Players page, to invite someone to your Realms.
  • To send an invitation to a friend, click the Add button and enter their username.
  • You should see a small icon labelled “New Invitations!” at the top of your Realms page. You can view the Realms you’ve been invited to if you click that. Simply select it and press the “Play” button.

That is all the information on how to play Minecraft Modded with friends. Also, read Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest.

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