How to play Solo vs Duo or Solo vs Squad in PUBG Mobile

How to play Solo vs Duo or Solo vs Squad in PUBG Mobile! PUBG Lite, also known as PUBG Mobile Lite, is a scaled-down version of PUBG Mobile designed for low-end devices. The game has the same control, gameplay, and mechanics as PUBG Mobile, but with some changes in graphics and other aspects to make the game run more smoothly, such as smaller maps and fewer players per match.

Aside from Solo, Duo, and Squad, there is a much more difficult mode in PUBG Lite. It is the Solo vs Squad mode, in which you will play against all of the Squads in a match. Needless to say, unless a player is extremely skilled, winning in this mode is nearly impossible.

You may have seen various YouTube stars play solo versus squads on their channels and wondered how they did it. In this article, you will learn how to play Pubg Mobile solo versus duos or squads. Here, we’ll show you How to Play Solo vs Duo or Solo vs Squad in PUBG Mobile, as well as the top 5 most important tips and tricks for getting the Chicken Dinner.

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How to play Solo vs Duo or Solo vs Squad in PUBG Mobile

1) Select mode in the upper left corner.

2) Go to the Team tab. 2 people (duo) or 4 people (squad) with auto-matching turned off => Please press the OK button.

3) Press the start button, and you’ll be playing alone against full duos or squads, depending on the team type you chose.

Tips And Tricks For PUBG Mobile Solo vs Squad

1. Primary Strategy

To begin, you must have a great strategy in place in order to move and avoid making mistakes. When you go solo, avoid landing in hot-drop locations and try to avoid drawing too much attention from opposing squads. If you are the last man standing on your team, play defensively to ensure your survival. Don’t play too aggressively or you’ll perish quickly.

2. Arrival

Don’t land in open space. You should land near an apartment complex to loot and hide. If there are too many enemies around, you can also land near vehicles to move. If you have the ability to occupy a building, loot guns first and kill some enemies before the enemy squad finishes looting and rushes you. Use smoke and frag grenades to create a cover or to block the enemies.

3 . Scouting Ability 

It’s one of the most important solos vs squad tips in PUBG Mobile. You should have an excellent scouting ability and a good graphic setting to spot all enemies before they spot you. Don’t shoot or attract their attention until you’ve determined the exact location of the entire enemy squad. Then, wait for them to separate before killing them one by one. Don’t let them focus on you or you’ll perish.

4. Perplexed Opponents

If you can confirm an enemy after knocking him down, do so. To confirm the kill safely, use Molotov cocktails and frag grenades. Furthermore, smoke and stun grenades can blind your opponents or cover you on specific sides.

5. Weapons with a High Damage Capability

It’s one of the most important Solos vs Squad PUBG Mobile strategies in the game. Because of its large ammo capacity, the M249 is the best weapon for solo vs squad. It can hold up to 100 bullets per magazine, which is enough to take out the entire enemy squad with a single load of ammo.

6. Stealth Tactical Methods

When fighting from a distance, you should avoid being seen and heard. To conceal your position, use a suppressor attachment or a flash hider muzzle. If you see combat close to you, don’t run.

7. The Last Circle

You should remain within the blue circle’s border in the final circle. You should look for a cover, such as a wall, a broken vehicle, a rock, a tree, or smoke. If the last circle shrinks in the open ground, use smoke grenades to create some cover or confuse your opponents.

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8. Strategy for Ultra Legends

Another pro tip for solo vs squad games is to figure out the best location to spot all enemies in the opposing team. It would be preferable if you could find a shelter with a good view and safely shoot down enemies before changing positions to clear the other men.

9. Effective Weapon Combination

To win a solo vs squad match, you must have a good weapon combo. Choose a weapon combination based on the map and tier. When playing on small maps like Livik, you can use a combination of ARs or an AR with a semi-sniper.

10. Hasty Tactics

It’s a fatal mistake to rush a full squad when they’re all together. Instead, you can clear or separate them with grenades. Then, take on one or two enemies at a time. Make sure that their teammates cannot immediately assist them so that you have enough time to reload and heal if necessary.


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