How to play Valkyrie in Apex Legends

Valkyrie, a new Legend who debuted with Season 9 and the Legacy update for Apex Legends, is a fantastic scout character with a high-mobility kit and recon talents. She can launch a missile swarm, use her jetpack to fly above the earth, and use an unplanned leap tower to quickly redeploy the whole team. The 17th Legend to join Apex Legends, Valkyrie, brought with her the Bocek Bow weapon and the new 3v3 permanent arenas mode. The Northstar Titan from her father, Viper, who is one of Titanfall 2’s boss characters, serves as a major inspiration for Valkyrie’s kit.

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Valkyrie, like Horizon and Octane, has a passive jetpack ability that enables her to swiftly scale buildings without the need to climb or mantle, making her a very mobile fighter. She may also put herself up as a unique jump tower to jump into combat or flee quickly, or she can use her Missile Swarm ability to shut down an area with devastating bombs. Her arsenal, which combines the flight prowess and missile weaponry of the Northstar Titan from Titanfall 2, is completed with a few recon skills that may be used to learn where the opponent is located and other things.

Passive Ability – VTOL Jets

One of the finest passive abilities in Apex Legends is already Valkyrie’s. Players of Valkyrie may use her VTOL Jets to travel far into the sky by activating them by hitting the jump button while in the air. Players may utilise it to move more swiftly, get through cover and barriers, and fast-scale structures. Players can scout over vast portions of the new Infested Olympus level, World’s Edge and the Arenas map thanks to the added height that the jetpack provides.

It’s important to note that when utilising the jetpack, Valkyrie players cannot utilise any weapons or grenades. When her jets are in motion, Valkyrie can only utilise her Missile Swarm power. Although they can move and gaze around normally, Valkyrie players can obtain a complete 360-degree perspective from the air. Valkyrie players will keep rising unless they deactivate their jetpack or press and hold the aim button to engage level flight, which will maintain them at a constant height. Although the jetpack significantly speeds up mobility, gamers can still be incredibly susceptible to snipers wielding the new Bocek Bow.

The green bar on the right side of the screen, which represents the jetpack’s fuel and depletes as it is utilised, is a visual representation of the fuel. While a portion of the fuel is instantaneously spent when players engage their jetpack, fuel is used continuously throughout normal flight. From full to empty, there is enough fuel for around 7.5 seconds of continuous flying. The gauge will turn red when fuel levels begin to drop, and players will hear the jets begin to stutter. After eight seconds, fuel begins to replenish, and it takes around ten seconds for it to finish.

Breaking falls to avoid the recovery animation that prohibits Apex Legends players from completely moving and drawing their weapons after falling from a tremendous height is another fantastic application for Valkyrie’s jets. A rapid double-tap of the jump button will momentarily engage her jets and cause her to slow down so she may escape the movement penalty just before she touches the ground. Contrary to Horizon, who has her Spacewalk Passive Ability, Valkyrie cannot utilise her weapons while flying, therefore utilising the jetpack to halt a fall will prohibit players from being able to keep their weapons drawn.

Players can switch the default “toggle” option for activating Valkyrie’s jets to the “hold” option. When the setting is changed to “hold,” players must continue to press the jump button while in midair in order to use and keep their jetpack. The jetpack will then stop functioning when you release the hold button.

Players who use a mouse or keyboard might want to give it a try, but those who use a controller should remain with the usual “toggle” option because it makes it simple for them to go back to using the right stick for shooting and aerial movement.

Tactical Ability – Missile Swarm

Missile Swarm is an excellent skill for zoning and stunning enemies to restrict their movement. A volley of 12 missiles stacked in a three-by-four grid makes up the swarm itself. The entire grid covers a big area, but each missile has a narrow blast radius and only does 25 damage on impact, plus a minor amount more from stuns. Additionally, missile strikes stun foes in a manner similar to an Arc Star, greatly slowing their mobility for a brief period of time.

Players of the Valkyrie may use the Tactical Ability button to create holographic targets that display the precise locations of the 12 missiles, enabling incredibly precise targeting. All Apex Legends players will be able to view the missile targets once they have been fired, though, which means that foes will find it simple to escape the explosion zone.

The medium- to long-range Missile Swarm has a good range and can hit targets with ease. Valkyrie players should avoid spending their swarm on players who are nearby and should instead concentrate on using their weapons or fleeing to a better position with their jetpack because the minimum aiming distance is 12 metres. Missile Swarm may be effectively employed to start combat by shocking and stunning the opposing side, as well as to manage opponent movement by obstructing particular paths throughout a fight.

Valkyrie can only utilise the Missile Swarm when using her jetpack, as was already explained. One of the finest ways to employ her Missile Swarm is to take use of her jetpack’s height advantage so that players may carefully attack foes below. By launching a Missile Swarm while in the air and then instantly cutting her jetpack to dive for safety, players may go one step farther. In order to take down dazed adversaries from there, players can either stay in cover or charge in on the ground with allies.

Additionally, players should be aware that when flying, holding down the tactical button significantly reduces fuel consumption and locks the altitude while simultaneously slowing down Valkyrie’s movement speed. Valkyrie players may utilise this to significantly extend their flight duration to span wide spaces or gaps, even at the risk of becoming a very accessible target, especially if their Skyward Dive Ultimate Ability is not charged.

Ultimate Ability – Skyward Dive

Valkyrie may position herself as a personal, superpowered jump tower using her jetpack jets at maximum strength, enabling her and her squad members to skydive and travel a great distance. Skyward Dive may be utilised for a variety of purposes, including landing on Olympus’ lofty structures and taking the high ground, relocating from a risky position to a safer one, or completely escaping and taking some time to recover. It should be utilised sparingly because of its three-minute cooldown to ensure that teams have it prepared for a major battle.

Players of Valkyrie will enter a condition where they may gaze around but cannot move when Skyward Dive is activated. In this stage, squadmates can engage with the Valkyrie player to connect to her and board the flight. In the meantime, a green fighter jet-style overlay is applied to the Valkyrie player’s screen, and a green bar on the right side will begin to fill up.

Once the green bar is full, Valkyrie apex legends players can “burn” to accelerate the vertical liftoff of themselves and any attached teammates. Squadmates can still detach and move around during the peak of the launch when Valkyrie will act as Jumpmaster and direct the drop to a new location.

After activating Skyward Dive, Valkyrie players have the option to abort the dive for a 25% reduction in ultimate charge and remain in the pre-launch stage indefinitely. Pinging during the pre-launch also displays “Let’s fly!” for the benefit of teammates. If they want to employ Skyward Dive, which requires vertical clearance in order to be activated, players must also be mindful of what is above them.

Meanwhile, Skyward Dive grants Valkyrie a passive recon skill that displays opposing players nearby as an inverted green triangle. On the map, enemies will be indicated in a similar manner to how map scans from Crypto’s Map Room on Kings Canyon are marked. Players might even utilise the ability to just circle an area and search for highlighted adversaries to scout it for oncoming foes.

Having a Valkyrie on board enables squads to immediately observe how many squads are around and where they are moving during the opening drop of an Apex Legends battle. The green symbols and map markers are also visible to every member of Valkyrie’s team. Along with Bloodhound, Crypto, and Pathfinder, Valkyrie is a member of the Recon Legend Class, which enables her to employ Survey Beacons to locate the next ring.

When it comes to comprehending just how her abilities to function and how to handle resources like jetpack fuel and Missile Swarm cooldowns, Valkyrie is a somewhat difficult Legend, especially when compared to Season 8’s Fuse. She is a great scouting Legend overall, and she can quickly scan large regions for opposing teams to rush or avoid during the game.

Valkyrie apex legends are ideal for aggressive playstyles that include close-range weaponry because of her tremendous mobility. She can, however, wield long-range weaponry like the Sentinel with the Deadeye’s Tempo Hop-Up and function effectively with more defensive Legends, like Rampart, because of the height advantages she can obtain with her jetpack and Skyward Dive.

The video game Apex Legends is currently accessible on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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