How To Reach Conqueror In PUBG Mobile As Soon As Possible

HOW TO REAH CONQUEROR IN PUBG MOBILE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: PUBG Mobile Tier Distribution: Pubg is a gaming platform where we go to an island, there we have to find guns and fight with the enemies. At last, the one who survives wins the match and in Pubg it is called WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER.

How to reach conqueror in pubg moblie

There are many tiers in pubg according to your gaming performance. The various tiers in pubg are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace and Conqueror. In each tiers there are five stages such as gold 5, gold 4, gold 3, gold 2 and gold 1. But Ace tier is different than other tiers, in Ace there are only 3 stages ace bronze, ace silver and ace gold.

PUBG Mobile Tiers distribution

The various tiers in PUBG Mobile are:

  1. Bronze Tier
    Bronze 5 ratings: 1200
    Bronze 4 ratings: 1300

Bronze 3 ratings: 1400

Bronze 2 ratings: 1500

Bronze 1 ratings: 1600

  1. Silver Tier
    Silver 5 ratings: 1700
    Silver 4 ratings: 1800

Silver 3 ratings: 1900

Silver 2 ratings: 2000

Sliver 1 ratings: 2100

  1. Gold Tier

Gold 5 ratings: 2200
Gold 4 ratings: 2300

Gold 3 ratings: 2400

Gold 2 ratings: 2500

Gold 1 ratings: 2600

  1. Platinum Tier

Platinum 5 ratings: 2700
Platinum 4 ratings: 2800

Platinum 3 ratings: 2900

Platinum 2 ratings: 3000

Platinum 1 ratings: 3100

  1. Diamond Tier

Diamond 5 ratings: 3200
Diamond 4 ratings: 3300

Diamond 3 ratings: 3400

Diamond 2 ratings: 3500

Diamond 1 ratings: 3600

  1. Crown Tier

Crown 5 ratings: 3700
Crown 4 ratings: 3800

Crown 3 ratings: 3900

Crown 2 ratings: 4000

Crown 1 ratings: 4100

  1. Ace Tier

Ratings: 4200

  1. Conqueror Tier

Ratings: Reach in top 500 players

How to reach conqueror in pubg moblie

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All these season tiers can be achieved with good rating points. However, in order to reach Conqueror in the game, one has to be in the top 500 in any server of a particular season. The road to Conqueror is not easy at all. One has to survive as well as win matches to reach top 500. The top 500 players usually have good kill ratio and survival time. To reach Conqueror you have to focus on three points,


2.Only play Miramar or Erangel

3.Choose your squad carefully

How to reach conqueror in pubg moblie

How to reach Conqueror In PUBG Mobile with 3 simple steps


How to reach conqueror in pubg moblie

The survival is the most important point in pushing rank, please avoid landing in any hot drops like georgpool while you are pushing rank or such types of places. Land far away from the plane, play safe, camp in the whole match. Avoid fight till more than 15 enemies are alive.

2.Only play Miramar or Erangel

How to reach conqueror in pubg moblie

The players who play sanhok or vikendi gets less plus ratings when they get chicken dinner in comparison of erangel players because sanhok and vikendi are samall maps so the match will not exist more than 20 minutes.

3.Choose your squad carewfully

How to reach conqueror in pubg moblie

It is the most important thing that you have a perfect squad for pushing rank. Your sqaud should have best stategy for rank pushing if you want to reach conqueror. If you don’t have good squad then they will make you die early and you will never reach conqueror.

Hope you reach Conqueror In PUBG Mobile

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