How to Reach Predator in Apex Legends Mobile

How to reach Predator in Apex Legends Mobile? To separate the wheat from the chaff, practically every competitive online title has its own Ranking mechanics to decide who plays who, and Apex Legends Mobile ranks are no exception. Whether you are a first-class Caustic holding down a master rank or a newborn Bloodhound seeking to break out of bronze, you must first understand how the system works.

How to reach Predator in Apex Legends Mobile

And that is where we come in, with our Apex Legends Mobile ranks guide, ready to give you the skinny on what ranks are and how you can move into a higher one. Of course, the higher you advance, the greater the difficulty and the better the Apex Legends Mobile rank prizes. Of course, planning and perseverance are required to advance Apex Legends Mobile’s ranking. As an admission fee, every time you play ranked, you will lose a certain amount of points based on your rank. As a result, you must exercise caution since points will be forfeited if you die instantly without killing the opposing team.

What is Apex Predator in Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends for mobile offers seven Rank Tiers that you can climb by gradually increasing your skills. Every rank has its own sub-rank as well, starting from Bronze V. In order to climb to the next tier which is Silver, you must make your way from Bronze V up to Bronze I.

The Highest rank tier that you can achieve in Apex Legends Mobile is the Apex Predator. Only players who demolish the competition and stand at the top of the food chain are given the title of an Apex Predator. Do you have what it takes? If not, this article will certainly help you get there. So, without any further ado, let us get in and understand how ranking works in Apex Legends mobile and how to reach Predator in Apex Legends Mobile.

What are the Rank Tiers in Apex Legend Mobile?

  • Bronze
    • Sub-ranks- V, IV, III, II, I
  • Silver
    • Sub-ranks- V, IV, III, II, I
  • Gold
    • Sub-ranks- V, IV, III, II, I
  • Platinum
    • Sub-ranks- V, IV, III, II, I
  • Diamond
    • Sub-ranks- V, IV, III, II, I
  • Master
    • Sub-ranks- V, IV, III, II, I
  • Apex Predator
    • This is the top rank any Apex Mobile player can attain. It does not have any sub-ranks to begin with. These guys are simply the best of the best.
How to reach Predator in Apex Legends Mobile

When you reach level 8, you can enter ranked mode, which is quite competitive. Apex Legends Mobile’s ranking system is very identical to Apex Legends on PC. Note that you will always start with Bronze and go to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Predator.

The highest rank in the mobile version is predator, as it is in the PC version of Apex Legends. Of course, at the end of each season, each player will be rewarded depending on their rank achievements.

Currently, players who attain bronze to platinum rank will receive a Holo spray according to their rank. These sprays act as a depiction of your rank in the game, and can be deployed only during matches.

Players that attain Master and Predator rankings after the season finishes, will additionally receive a Holo spray based on their rank. Not only that, but they also acquire a Trail based on their different ranks while diving into the map.

Avatar frames are also given to players who achieve the master or predator status. These presents can be utilised to demonstrate the player’s high status.

How to Push Rank and Reach Predator in Apex Mobile

As you might have guessed by now, you’ll start with Bronze and eventually work your way up to Apex Predator. This will not, however, be an easy road. You may feel trapped on a single rank for months, but you may be able to easily cross certain ranks. Everything is determined by your gameplay and strategy. The majority of players are often restricted to Bronze, Gold, Diamond, and Master. There are just a few people who make it to Apex Predator, and those that do are typically professional Apex Legends gamers or steamers. It is, nevertheless, not impossible to get the top rating.

We have compiled a detailed guide on things to do if you want to reach Predator in Apex Legends Mobile, here they are.

Perfecting Your Legends

The first thing you must do is choose your primary Legend. There are presently Eleven Legends accessible in the mobile edition, and you must learn about all of their skills and decide which one best suits you. Different legends come with different skill-sets. Some are exceedingly domineering and aggressive, while others are more docile. The others are a combination of the two. You must choose which one is your strong suit and then choose a Legend. However, you should not expect to know which Legend you will be able to play with on the first day. You must test out all of the Legends before discovering them on your own.

Keep a track of game Events

This is something that will help you obtain some decent RPs if you are new to the game. There are daily events, as well as weekly and monthly events. If you accomplish these activities, you will receive a significant boost in RPs, which will allow you to advance in rank. However, this is not the only way to improve your game’s ranking. Even if you try to rely solely on Events to advance in rank, it will take you longer to get there. There are Events that occur when you play a tiny game or log in to the game. A combination of good gameplay and Event awareness is the key to becoming a seasoned player.

Grind in The Ranked Matches

It is natural for a beginner to be nervous about entering rated matches. However, if you want to advance in the ranks, you must start somewhere. Of course, you will not be able to win every match, and your first match may not be a win. To acquire more RPs, you must continue to practice and grind in these rated matchups. However, we urge that you limit yourself to no more than three ranking matches every day. If you feel saturated and continue to lose, you will lose your RPs. To avoid this, you must be cautious about the RPs that you lose.

Strategizing is the Game

Another key thing to accomplish initially is to adequately outline your plans. You have picked your Legend, gotten enough practice, and are now ready to tackle the ranked modes. If you are a first-time player, you will be terrified of everything that happens around you. However, keep calm and try to concentrate. You know how to use your powers; now it’s up to you to be creative with them! Player determine which locations are effective for you to dominate and perform in accordance with your role in the team. You will gain more RPs than the others if you get more kills and manage your resources with some common sense!

One for All, All for One

How to reach Predator in Apex Legends Mobile

Having a reliable and balanced team is paramount in battle royale titles such as Apex Legends Mobile. This is something that everyone would advise you to do. If you can organize a team and gather people together who are skilled in some of the talents, you will be able to play the game with more devotion and ease. It will not only help you better your gaming skills but will also provide you a lot of RPs!

We hope that you will be able to rank up by incorporating all of these techniques into your everyday practise regimen. Do give us a shout-out when you become the Apex Predator in the game. However, the procedure is not always as simple as it appears, and it may take months or years of effort to advance in a game.

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