Who is Best Character in Apex Legends Mobile: Every Legend Ranked

Who is the Best Character in Apex Legends Mobile: Every Legend Ranked: Apex Legends Mobile is the mobile version of Respawn Entertainment’s colorful battle royale. With a growing pool of legends, both new and old, there is something to think about whether you are new to the franchise or have played the mainstream title.

Fortunately, we as always, are here with some much-needed clarity on Who is the Best Character in Apex Legends Mobile. Each of the game’s fourteen legends is ranked from best to worst in our Apex Legends Mobile tier list. So, whether you’re a lone warrior, a supporting teammate, or a limitless soldier, this tier chart will help you decide who the greatest legend for you is.

Apex Legends Mobile- Legend Tier List

Each legend has its own set of powers and fighting strategies: reconnaissance, support, offensive, and defensive. We have assembled all the relevant facts regarding Apex Mobile’s top legends for you. We graded them based on their strengths and shortcomings, as well as the benefit they may provide to a three-player squad. Let’s get our Apex Legends Mobile Legends Ranked Tier List underway and find out Who is the Best Character in Apex Legends Mobile is.

S-Tier Legends: Best Characters in Apex Legends Mobile

The S-Tier legends on this list are vital members of your squad. They are heroes who deliver a blast of performance without being overly situational. They thrive in general and will perform admirably in any group. You could discover that one Legend matches your playstyle better than another. Don’t be hesitant to use your discretion in these things, since mastering a legend’s powers may transform any legend into a formidable force.

Bloodhound- Best Character in Apex Legends Mobile (Offensive)

Little is known about the enigmatic Bloodhound. When their parents perished, they were taken in by an uncle on the planet Talos. Bloodhound is now using the tracking talents he learned on the Frontier in the games.

Bloodhound’s simple-but-effective ability to see past barriers makes them an outstanding pick in the mobile game. Tap this as often as it appears. Beast of the Hunt should be reserved for major encounters, yet it can save your life.

Here are all of Bloodhound’s skills:

Eye of the Allfather (Tactical): Bloodhound detects adversaries, traps, and items through walls.

Tracker (Passive): Bloodhound can see the traces that adversaries leave.

Beast of the Hunt (Ult): Bloodhound travels faster and spots adversaries through walls.

Gibraltar- Best Character in Apex Legends Mobile (Defensive)

Makoa Gibraltar has been described as a “gentle giant” with compassion and a desire to serve people. Gibraltar is attempting to bring his protective skills to the games after his father lost an arm while protecting him and his partner from a motorbike accident.

Gibraltar is the only defensive legend in the S-Tier. He is the type of tank you want in your squad. When he aims, he creates a barrier that shields him somewhat. He may also use a domed shield to stop firing from all sides. It takes less time to revive comrades within the dome.

Gibraltar uses his ultimate ability to mark a position, which is then attacked by a mortar strike. This blow slows down adversaries and blurs their eyesight in addition to delivering damage. He is extremely high on the Apex mobile tier list and is one of the must-have legends for a powerful and tough squad.

Who is Best Character in Apex Legends Mobile

All the abilities of Gibraltar

Dome of Protection (Tactical): Gibraltar deploys a bubble shield that defends a limited area from harm for a short time.

Gun Shield (Passive): When aiming down sights, Gibraltar gains a shield that deflects attack from the front.

Defensive Bombardment (Ult): Gibraltar orders a mortar strike.

A-Tier Legends

The A-Tiers, which are somewhat below the S-Tier, will make fantastic team additions to assist the mobility, longevity, or utility of the top Apex Legends mobile legends in order to construct a powerful squad. Let’s have a look at the characters in the second tier of this list.

Wraith- The Interdimensional Warrior

Renee Blasey has no recollection of who she was before she became the Wraith. She was deceived by a scientific collaborator, and her memory was deleted, leaving her with weird voices in her brain.

Wraith is a highly effective legend since she gives your squad a lot of mobility. Her passive ability is like the Spidey-Sense from Spiderman. It reveals the presence of a trap or the targeting of an opponent. Her tactical talent allows her to move through the Void for a short period of time. You are speedier and, more importantly, invincible in this state. The wraith may also generate two gateways that all ally legends can use for 60 seconds.

Wraith has the following abilities:

Into The Void (Tactical): Wraith glides across the vacuum while evading harm.

Voices from the Void (Passive): A voice alerts Wraith of impending peril.

Dimensional Rift (Ultimate): Wraith summons two portals that she and her squad may use for 60 seconds.

Lifeline- The Combat Medic

Lifeline understandably has a good rank in this Apex Legends Mobile Tier List being the lone supporting legend at the time and proving to be crucial for having a balanced team. His passive enables him to use his DOC drone to reanimate his allies and construct a protective barrier around them.

The drone of Lifeline may also heal surrounding friendly legends, and its ultimate lands a drop of protective equipment (armor, healing, shield).

Who is Best Character in Apex Legends Mobile

D.O.C. Tactical Heal drone – Lifeline’s tactical skill allows teammates and herself to be healed when they stand adjacent to the drone.

Ultimate: Care Package – Using the ultimate power, Lifeline may summon a drop pod filled with high-quality protective gear.

Fade: Phasic Horror

Fade is one of the most recent additions to the cast of Apex Mobile. Furthermore, he is only available in Apex Legends’ mobile edition. Fade, like Wraith, manipulates the Void. He receives a boost in movement speed after a slip. Like Tracer in Overwatch, Fade’s tactical skill enables him to return to the spot he occupied just a few seconds earlier.

He can construct a zone that temporarily transports foes into the Void. Only he can then cause them harm without them being able to fight back.

Here are Fade’s skills:

SLIPSTREAM (PASSIVE): After a slide with a 10-second cooldown, Slipstream provides Fade with a temporary movement speed increase. When utilizing this skill, Fade leaves a visible trail.

FLASH Return (TACTICAL): With a 20-second cooldown, Flash Back rewinds Fade’s movement, allowing him to phase back to a former location.

PHASE CHAMBER (ULTIMATE): Phase Chamber produces a Void region on the battlefield, preventing any Legend trapped in it from taking or doing damage while displaying their movement speed. It has a cooldown of 90 seconds.

B-Tier Legends

Much more situational in nature, the legends in the B-Tier often struggle to establish themselves, especially among novice players. These characters are oriented towards usefulness without necessarily being practical. They require greater competence from players to be carried at their full potential. B-Tier Legends are, on average, less strong than the previous categories.

Caustic: Toxic Jailer

Caustic is a legend whose abilities revolve around the use of gas. He can set up to six gas-releasing traps and a grenade that creates a gas zone. The gas slows enemy mobility and deals minor damage. His passive ability allows him to locate opponents within these yellow smoke clouds.

This character’s true name was Alexander Nox before he took on the pseudonym Caustic. Nox grew cruel while working at Humbert Labs, experimenting on live humans with his test gas. Caustic sprung from the ashes after the lab burnt down and Nox was assumed dead. As Caustic, the player now enters the Apex Games to test new lethal gases on the participants.

Caustic’s Abilities-

Nox Vision (Passive)– Allows you to see adversaries through the gas (described below), which becomes red.

Nox Gas Trap (Tactical)– Drop up to six gas canisters anywhere you wish, which are then triggered by enemy movement or gunfire, unleashing toxic gases.

Launch one canister of Nox Gas Grenade (Ultimate), releasing a vast and more powerful gas cloud.

Octane- the Burnt Head

Octavio Silva, or Octane, is the son of a pharmaceutical magnate who spends his free time performing daring acts. He developed his signature cybernetic legs while attempting to break a record with a grenade-assisted leap.

Octane is one of the most versatile legends, but it doesn’t stand out in any way. As a result, he is ranked lower on our Apex Legends mobile Legends Tier List. If he does not take an injury for an extended amount of time, his health steadily regenerates. When he uses his booster, he enhances his movement speed but depletes his HP. Octane’s ultimate ability launches a springboard into the air, allowing you to double jump.

Octane has the following abilities:

Stim (Tactical): For six seconds, Octane loses some health and travels 30% faster.

Swift Mend (Passive): Octane heals over time with this ability.

Launch Pad (Ultimate): Octane builds a jump pad for himself and his friends to improve mobility.

Pathfinder: Advance Locator

Pathfinder, one of the several MRVN robots, was designed to do minor cleaning duties. He found he had various new navigation enhancements after booting up but had no knowledge of who had updated him. He is participating in the games with the hopes of finding out one day.

Pathfinder’s grappling hook is far more difficult to utilize in Apex Legends Mobile due to the more limited targeting controls. His ability to predict where the ring will close is still essential, and his zipline may provide a swift escape for a squad in trouble.

Who is Best Character in Apex Legends Mobile

Grappling Hook (Tactical): Pathfinder can utilize a grappling hook to get access to otherwise inaccessible regions.

Insider Knowledge (Passive): When scanning a Survey Beacon, Pathfinder learns the next position of the closing ring.

Pathfinder produces a zipline for the squad to utilize with the Zipline Gun (Ultimate).

C-Tier legends

Mirage and Bangalore, two intriguing characters at the absolute bottom of the Apex Mobile Legends list, are far below their opponents. Movement speed and tactical abilities are important here as well, although they are difficult to master and very situation specific.

Bangalore- The Army

On paper, Bangalore is a legend with a lot to offer. When an attacker fires at him, his movement speed increases, and his smoke might obscure his opponents’ eyesight. Bangalore’s ultimate talent, like Gibraltar’s, fires a flare to signal the position of an artillery attack that causes damage and slows impacted players’ movement speed.

It is far more complex for Bangalore, whose sole purpose is to provide an edge to Bloodhound with its smoke. She is not one of the greatest Apex Legends mobile legends.

Mirage: Holographic Illusionist

Who is Best Character in Apex Legends Mobile

Mirage may be found towards the very end of Apex Mobile Legends. When an adversary knocks Mirage out, he produces a decoy and disappears. The same is true when a teammate revives you and uses his tactical skill to deploy a decoy. This time, he uses his supreme ability to have multiple decoys duplicate his actions while he vanishes.

Nonetheless, by watching the motions of these decoys, your opponent may quickly estimate his position. This is just the legend who provides the least value to a squad.

Apex Legends Mobile is a free-to-play game that will very certainly see additional Legends added to the roster as time goes on. These might be characters from Apex Legends’ main version for consoles and PC, or they could be unique characters like Fade. We’ll keep you updated as things go. Just be sure to check out our website for those.

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