How to unbind Facebook account from Mobile Legends?

How to unbind Facebook account from Mobile Legends: If you linked your Facebook account to Mobile Legends, a MOBA and now want to change it or want to unlink it then do not worry you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss how you can unbind/unlink your Facebook account from Mobile Legends.

Why do you need to Unbind your ML account?

Mobile Legends is a popular game and a lot of players still play this game. Sometimes players forget their Facebook account password so at that time they get difficulty reaching their Mobile Legend account. So during that case players need to unbind their Mobile Legend Facebook account. Another case can be when players change their account or want to link a new Facebook account to their Mobile Legend account. The two cases mentioned are very common and a lot of players find it hard to unbind their Mobile Legend account from their Facebook account.

Unbinding Facebook account

How to Unbind your FB account from Mobile Legends?

How to Unbind ML 2022 FB Account – Generally, of the numerous mobile legend players, there must be someone who’s looking for a way to unbind the FB Mobile Legends 2022 account. The thing may be that he wants to replace it with another FB Mobile Legends account so the way to unbind the 2022 FB ML account is asked.

But you also have to study the way because for newcomers this will be confusing if you just do it. Latterly you can run how to unbind the Facebook Mobile Legends 2022 account through the mobile legend account profile.
The way to unbind a Facebook Mobile Legends 2022 account or how to unbind a new Mobile Legends account is the same as you unbind with other platforms. But in my experience unbinding the FB ML account is the easiest and only takes many moments.

Account settings

For those who want to unbind a FB Mobile Legends account, you don’t need to be confused about looking for a tutorial because this is where you can learn how to unbind a Mobile Legends 2022 FB account until it works. Here’s how to unbind the FB Mobile Legends 2022 account.

How to Unbind ML 2022 FB Account

  • Access the Mobile Legend games on your cellphone.
  • Go to the Mobile Legend account profile.
  • Tap on the Account tab.
  • Tap Account Center.
  • Tap Third Party Account Disconnect Self Service.
  • Because you’re going to unbind your FB Mobile Legend 2022 account, choose Facebook.
  • Login to Facebook first.
  • Follow the instructions given.

Still, unbind your FB Mobile Legends account, it’s finished, If you have done everything.
After how to unbind the rearmost FB Mobile Legends account or how to unbind your FB Mobile Legend 2022 account, no way to forget to bind it again because so that your Mobile Legends account isn’t lost and can be played again latterly.

Switch account in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends is a popular game and a lot of players have linked their Facebook accounts to their in-game Mobile Legend accounts. Sometimes due to some reason players look for a way to unbind their Facebook account from the Mobile Legend account. The steps to unbind the account are very easy and are mentioned in the article.

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