How to Unlock Characters in Street Fighter 6

How to Unlock Characters in Street Fighter 6: Street Fighter 6 is an interesting fighting game with a diverse cast of characters. While some fighters are available right once, others must be unlocked through other ways. Furthermore, particular places in the game function as beginning points for collecting specific characters. You’ll face many warriors ready to be unlocked through visiting various locales like as the gym, Chinatown in Metro City, Italy, Brazil, Jamaica, Genbu Temple in Japan, the Carrier Brion Taylor, Seoul in South Korea, Russia, and London in the United Kingdom.

How to Unlock Characters in Street Fighter 6

Progressing through the Story mode is one of the key ways to unlock characters. As you progress through the chapters, you’ll meet more fighters who will join your team once they complete their respective levels. Each character gets their own tale chapter, providing an engaging experience as you progress through the plot.

If you’re eager to uncover the character locations in Street Fighter 6 and unlock them for your roster, this How to Unlock Characters in Street Fighter 6 is perfect for you. We’ll take you on a journey through the fascinating Story mode and reveal the whereabouts of each character, ensuring an immersive experience throughout your gameplay.

How to Unlock Characters in Street Fighter 6

Story mode serves as an immersive and engaging way to unlock new characters in Street Fighter 6. By embarking on the storylines of different fighters, players can gradually unlock additional characters. As you progress through the game’s narratives, you will encounter hidden opponents who, upon defeating them, become accessible for selection.

Luke: The First Character

Location: Gym

Chapter: 1-1

Luke is a beginner-friendly character with a rush-down fighting style. He is skilled in close-range combat and has a long-ranged projectile called Sand Blaster. Mastering Luke’s balanced style enables players to adapt swiftly to various situations.

Chun-Li: The Kung-Fu Specialist

Location: Chinatown, Metro City

Chapter: 2-1

Chun-Li’s charged inputs make her challenging to master, but her powerful Kung Fu moves are worth the effort.

Marisa: The Powerful Damage Dealer

How to Unlock Characters in Street Fighter 6

Location: Italy

Chapter: 3-3

Marisa is easy to learn, with powerful moves dealing significant damage, but relies on rushing opponents.

Blanka: The Energetic Diver

Location: Brazil

Chapter: 6-1

Blanka dives into enemies and relies on rushing opponents with charged moves, but his openings can be punished.

Dee Jay: The Balanced Fighter

How to Unlock Characters in Street Fighter 6

Location: Jamaica

Chapter: 6-1

Dee Jay is a versatile character with strong offense and defense. Charged moves and effective follow-ups keep opponents guessing. Projectile for distance.

Jamie: The Drunken Brawler

Location: Chinatown, Metro City

Chapter: 8-1

Jamie is available in Chinatown at night. Drinking increases his strength. Mastering his drunken brawling style takes time.

Ken: The Versatile Fighter

How to Unlock Characters in Street Fighter 6

Location: Metro City

Chapter: 8-3

Ken in Street Fighter 6 is a top choice for players due to his aggressive style, powerful strikes, and devastating combos.

E. Honda: The Grappling Powerhouse

Location: Metro City

Chapter: 8-4

E. Honda excels in close-range combat as a grappler. Maintaining distance is crucial to avoid his powerful grab attacks.

Ryu: The Complex but Rewarding Fighter

Location: Genbu Temple, Japan

Chapter: 8-5

Ryu in Street Fighter 6 has powerful attacks and complex follow-ups, requiring practice and precision to master his moves.

Guile: The Ultimate Defensive Unit

Location: Carrier Brion Taylor

Chapter: 9-1

Guile’s defense is unmatched, blocking attacks effortlessly. He counters rush characters and requires precise timing for charged moves.


Location: Seoul, South Korea

Chapter: 9-3

Juri is a swift and agile fighter with long-range attacks, unpredictable movements, and powerful energy-based strikes, focusing on maintaining distance, baiting opponents, and swiftly punishing their errors.

Zangief: The Mighty Grappler

Location: Russia

Chapter: 10-1

Zangief is a powerful heavyweight grappler who excels at close-range combat with devastating throws, but struggles with speed.

Makoto: The Lightning-Fast Striker

Location: Japan

Chapter: 10-3

Makoto is a speedy rushdown fighter with powerful strikes, overwhelming opponents with relentless pressure for high damage and stun potential.

Cammy: The Fierce British Agent

How to Unlock Characters in Street Fighter 6

Location: London, United Kingdom

Chapter: 11-1

Cammy is an aggressive character with fast strikes and aerial attacks, dominating through relentless pressure and exploiting openings.

Sagat: The King of Muay Thai

Location: Thailand

Chapter: 11-3

Sagat’s long-range strikes and Muay Thai techniques make him formidable, zoning opponents and making it difficult to counter his devastating attacks.

Akuma: The Relentless Demon

Location: Cave, Mount Gokuraku, Japan

Chapter: 12-1

Akuma is an aggressive fighter with devastating combos and powerful moves, demanding precision, aggression, and careful control due to his low health.

M. Bison: The Sinister Dictator

How to Unlock Characters in Street Fighter 6

Location: Shadaloo Base

Chapter: 12-3

M. Bison: Well-rounded with powerful strikes and unique Psycho Power. Controls space, punishes opponents, and blends offense with defense.


In conclusion, unlocking characters in Street Fighter 6 is an exhilarating journey that adds depth and excitement to your gameplay experience. By completing the captivating Story mode and exploring various in-game locations, you can gradually unlock a diverse roster of fighters with unique abilities and playstyles.

The Story mode serves as a gateway to unlocking characters, as you progress through the narrative and successfully finish individual character chapters. This not only grants you access to their captivating stories but also adds them to your collection, expanding your options for intense battles. For more such articles, visit Gameophobic.

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