Street Fighter 6 Steam Deck Crash Fix

Street Fighter 6 Steam Deck Crash Fix: Are you a dedicated Street Fighter 6 player ready to engage in heated encounters with your trusty Steam Deck? We realize how frustrating it is when your gaming experience is disrupted by sudden crashes. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you repair those bothersome issues and assure seamless gameplay, so you can fully immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Steam Deck Crash Fix

Fans have been intrigued by Street Fighter 6’s fast-paced fighting techniques and interesting gameplay. Crashing during the game’s launch, on the other hand, might be a frustrating obstacle to overcome. 

This article will provide you information on the Street Fighter 6 Steam Deck Crash Fix and, also what steps are working and what could work for you.

How to Fix Street Fighter 6 Crash on Steam Deck

Street Fighter 6 is a popular fighting game on Steam. However, some players have experienced crashes when trying to launch the game. Below are the ways that have worked for other people facing the same issue, so browse through and see what works for you.

  1. Restarting Steam Deck: Restart your Steam Deck to start troubleshooting. This simple method can solve any transitory difficulties that may be causing the crashes. Select Power, then Restart after pressing the Steam button. Wait for the device to restart before checking to see whether the issues persist.
  1. Checking for SteamOS Updates: Outdated SteamOS versions can lead to stability issues and impact game performance. Make sure your Steam Deck is up to date by following these steps: 

Press the Steam button, go to Settings, select the System tab, and choose Check for Updates. 

If an update is available, apply it and restart the device to implement the changes. This can help resolve crashes and improve overall system functionality.
  1. Checking for Street Fighter 6 Updates: Keeping Street Fighter 6 updated is important to avoid conflicts between the game and Steam Deck. Open your Steam library, find Street Fighter 6, and select Manage. From there, choose Properties and go to the Updates tab. Enable automatic updates and restart the Steam Deck. This ensures the game receives the latest patches and fixes, reducing the chances of crashes during startup.
  1. Checking Onboard Storage Space: Limited storage space on your Steam Deck can cause performance issues, including crashes. To check available storage, press the Steam button, go to Settings, and choose Storage. If space is running low, consider deleting or uninstalling unnecessary apps/games to free up storage. By ensuring sufficient storage, you provide the necessary resources for Street Fighter 6 to run smoothly on your Steam Deck.
  1. Reinserting the MicroSD Card: A corrupted MicroSD card can contribute to crashes when starting Street Fighter 6. To address this, make sure the MicroSD card is properly inserted into the memory slot. Access the Settings menu by pressing the Steam button, choose System, and select Format SD Card. Formatting the MicroSD card can help resolve any corruption issues and improve compatibility with your Steam Deck.
  1. Reinstalling Street Fighter 6: Uninstalling and reinstalling Street Fighter 6 can help resolve conflicts or issues with launching the game. Open the Steam Settings menu, go to Storage, select Street Fighter 6, and uninstall it by pressing the X key. Once uninstalled, reinstall the game from the Steam Store. This ensures a fresh installation, reducing the likelihood of crashes and allowing the game to run smoothly on your Steam Deck.
  1. Contacting Steam Support: If none of the troubleshooting methods prove effective, contacting Steam Support is recommended. Create a support ticket and describe the crashing issue in detail. Steam Support will provide personalized assistance to help resolve the problem. Their expertise and guidance can offer further insights and potential solutions to ensure a stable gaming experience with Street Fighter 6 on your Steam deck.


With the troubleshooting guide provided in this article, you can overcome the Street Fighter 6 crash issue on your Steam deck. By following these steps and implementing the necessary fixes, you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience and immerse yourself in the thrilling battles of Street Fighter 6. For more such smooth articles, visit our other Gameophobic pages.

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