How to Use Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy 16?

How to Use Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy 16? In the captivating realm of Final Fantasy 16, mastering the powerful ability known as “Flames of Rebirth” can turn the tide of battle in your favor. This awe-inspiring skill, harnessed through the mighty Phoenix Eikon, allows you to summon a massive pillar of fire, immolating enemies while restoring Clive’s HP. As you embark on an epic adventure in Valisthea, understanding how to effectively utilize this ability becomes paramount.

How to Use Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy 16?

Unlocking Flames of Rebirth is the first step to harnessing its devastating potential. By navigating through the Abilities tab and investing 1695 Ability Points, you gain access to this awe-inspiring attack. The Flames of Rebirth becomes available upon completing the quest “Sunrise, Sunset,” opening the gateway to unparalleled power.Strategically employing Flames of Rebirth is the key to its effectiveness. 

If you’re eager to learn how to wield this devastating ability, follow this article that explains How to Use Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy 16?

How to Use Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy 16?

To unleash the Flames of Rebirth, you must first unlock it from the “Abilities” tab within the menu. This awe-inspiring ability is found in the Phoenix Eikon section and requires 1695 Ability Points (AP) to obtain. To swiftly acquire AP, engage in side quests and combat encounters during your adventures in Valisthea.

How to Unlock Flames of Rebirth

Emerge victorious in the quest called “Sunrise, Sunset,” and the Phoenix Eikon will be at your disposal. Only after completing this quest will Flames of Rebirth become accessible.

How to Use Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy 16?

Use Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy 16

When facing a horde of enemies, activate Flames of Rebirth to engulf them in a sea of flames. The ability not only inflicts devastating damage to your foes but also replenishes Clive’s HP by utilizing the white gauge on the life bar. A well-timed use of this ability can help you overcome overwhelming odds and emerge victorious.

Upgrade and Mastery

To further enhance the potency of Flames of Rebirth, consider upgrading it through the Abilities tab. Spending 2390 AP allows Clive to perform additional attacks upon activating the ability, greatly amplifying its destructive capabilities.

For the ultimate mastery of Flames of Rebirth, invest 4250 AP to unlock the ability to assign it to any Eikon. However, it is vital to carefully consider whether this investment aligns with your combat strategy. Should you wish to keep the Phoenix assigned to Clive, it’s better to avoid this pricey upgrade.

Best Ways to Utilize Flames of Rebirth

Efficient Healing

Observe the faint green health regain indicated on the life bar. Activate Flames of Rebirth when the light health color line is longer, as this maximizes the HP recovery effect, providing Clive with an excellent healing option during battles.

Mass Annihilation

Save Flames of Rebirth for situations where multiple enemies surround you. The ability can efficiently wipe out groups of weaker foes, granting you the upper hand in combat.

Capitalize on Stagger

During boss battles, deploy Flames of Rebirth when your enemy is about to stagger. Doing so sets the stage for devastating follow-up attacks, increasing your overall effectiveness in confronting formidable adversaries.


With Flames of Rebirth at your disposal, you wield the extraordinary power of the Phoenix in Final Fantasy 16. Utilize it strategically to obliterate foes and rejuvenate Clive’s HP when needed. Master this ability by wisely upgrading it and adapting your combat approach to match the challenges you encounter. In the heart of Valisthea’s fantastical realm, let Flames of Rebirth illuminate your path to victory and solidify your place as a legend in Final Fantasy 16’s captivating universe.

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