Is the Millionpugs Startup Going to Change the Gaming Industry?

Is the MillionPugs Startup going to change the Gaming Industry? Have you ever wished that there was an additional easy way of getting valuable game rewards? One that doesn’t:

  • require real money to come into play,
  • entail completing special missions or participating in challenges,
  • need a lot of effort made?
Is the MillionPugs Startup going to change the Gaming Industry?

If you have, finally, MillionPugs can equip you with an effortless and easy solution that is going to change the gaming industry. Let us read on to understand Is the MillionPugs Startup going to change the Gaming Industry?

It is a brand-new cashback for gamers allowing you to get fancy game content for the most reputable games for shopping online.

It may sound like a dream, but the service is fully legit and free-of-charge.

Is the MillionPugs Startup going to change the Gaming Industry?

Read on to find out:

  1. How does MillionPugs work?
  2. How to use MillionPugs?
  3. What game rewards can you get using MillionPugs?
  4. How does MillionPugs earn money?
  5. Is MillionPugs safe to use?

How Does Millionpugs Work?

MillionPugs startup is a rewards platform designed for gamers to give them an alternative solution to get desired game rewards. It allows you to:

  • collect reward points when you shop online at partnered brands,
  • redeem these points for game content of your choice,
  • activate the content in the game,
  • progress in the game faster and take your gaming experience to the next level.

How to Collect Reward Points?

Is the MillionPugs Startup going to change the Gaming Industry?

MillionPugs is based on two types of virtual currencies – reward points, known as Pugs™, and Credits.

Both of them are collected for shopping online at affiliated stores. Currently, MillionPugs has almost 2000 partners from various industries – from food and beverages, through finance, to home and decorations.

Consequently, you can get reward points and credits for every type of shopping online you can imagine. You probably don’t even have to change the shops you frequent, as a few of them must be on the MillionPugs list.

When you shop online, you are able to activate deals and, after you make a purchase, you will find both Pugs™ and Credits added to your MillionPugs account. After you collect a sufficient number of points, you can exchange them for in-game content of your choice.

It is also worth mentioning that the MillionPugs startup is still growing, attracting new partners and encouraging them to prepare the most beneficial deals for the MillionPugs users. Therefore, in the near future, you can see even more brands that you like on the list.

Pugs™ and Credits

Both Pugs™ and Credits are obtained in the same way, but the main difference lies in the number granted for each transaction you finalize.

The number of credits is fixed and equals 100 for every eligible transaction. On the other hand, the number of pugs™ you get depends on the value of the transaction.

Consequently, credits are impacted by the frequency of your purchases, while pugs™ by the value of your transactions.

How to use MillionPugs?

To take advantage of the cashback service, you need to create a MillionPugs account.

The account allows you to start collecting points, activating deals and get game rewards of your choice. On the MillionPugs site you can easily browse:

  • games cooperating with MillionPugs,
  • game rewards you can earn with reward points or credits,
  • time-constrained special deals,
  • games that will soon be added to the MillionPugs list
  • number of collected pugs™ and credits,
  • affiliated brands and deals they have prepared.

From the site, you can easily get links to deals and activate them while you shop.

Once you gather enough credits or pugs™, you just need to click on the item of your choice, get a code, activate the code in the game and enjoy the upgraded gaming.

It is worth mentioning that you don’t have to activate the content right away. All the codes you receive can be easily found in the My Codes section on your MillionPugs account, so you surely won’t lose them.

The MillionPugs Plugin

In spite of the fact that the MillionPugs site is already good enough to use the services, the MillionPugs plugin will allow you to fully discover the potential of the startup.

The plugin can be easily installed on your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and is free-of-charge. It is perfectly safe to use and it doesn’t collect any personal online data.

The browser extension will display a small pop-up every time you visit any of the partnered stores with the option to activate the prepared deal. After you finalize the purchase, you will see the points and credits added to your MillionPugs account.

As a result, the MillionPugs browser extension will:

  • prevent you from skipping any deal available,
  • release you from the need to find the appropriate links on the MillionPugs site,
  • save up the time you would have to devote to checking out new partners.

Consequently, it is worthwhile to take advantage of the MillionPugs plugin to fully exploit the capabilities of the cashback service.

What Game Rewards Can You Get Using Millionpugs?

Despite the freshness of the cashback for gamers, you can already see on the MillionPugs list, the most reputable titles, like:

  • World of Warships,
  • Heroes and Generals,
  • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game,
  • KARDS,
  • World of Tanks.

What is more, MillionPugs is already planning to add to the above list EVE Online, League of Legends, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, or Legends of Runeterra.

For each of the games, MillionPugs has created a tailored offer with only the most useful game rewards, such as:

  • in-game currencies like Meteorite Powder for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, Doubloons for World of Warships, or Gold for World of Tanks,
  • skins for World of Warships, Heroes and Generals, or Gwent,
  • starter and super packs packed with multiple valuable items,
  • subscriptions,
  • special items like Premium tanks for World of Tanks, Veteran Membership for Heroes and Generals, or Ultimate Premium Kegs for Gwent

and many more. You can check out the full list at

How Does MillionPugs Earn Money?

From the user’s perspective the cashback service and the browser extension is highly beneficial and doesn’t require any payments.

MillionPugs doesn’t make money directly from their customers. Instead, they get commissions from partnered brands when deals are activated. One part of these commissions is granted to users by equipping their accounts with Pugs™ and Credits. And the other part goes directly to MillionPugs profits.

Is the MillionPugs Startup going to change the Gaming Industry?

Consequently, both users and MillionPugs owners benefit when the MillionPugs Deals are activated.

Is Millionpugs Safe to Use?

It is also worth mentioning that MillionPugs is a fully legal and registered company. Its credibility can also be proven by their investors, heavy hitters in the gaming industry who are behind the success of Twitch or Riot Games.

What is more, exploiting the MillionPugs services doesn’t require from you any payments or undertaking contractual obligations. Everything that MillionPugs offers for users is free-of-charge and flexible. You can decide when you want to join and when to stop using the services and delete all data from your MillionPugs account. 

MillionPugs also limits itself to collecting the minimum amount of personal data. It needs only the basic information to create your account and provide seamless services. You can find the full MillionPugs Privacy Policy at

Summing up, MillionPugs is an innovative service that has all it takes to change the gaming industry by giving gamers an additional way to make their gaming experience more exciting.

The startup is still expanding, attracting new brands and games to join. If you want to suggest any game rewards or stores should be added to the lists, share your feedback at MillionPugs Discord or Twitter and help in building the state-of-the-art platform.

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