How To Kick Someone Out In Among Us

How To Kick Someone Out In Among Us? Among Us is a multiplayer game of social deduction. The players are dropped into a map as Crewmembers and Imposters. As such is the case, you need to cooperate effectively and with efficiency on whatever side you are playing. However, being a co-op game, the ‘Co-op’ part can get quite annoying thanks to some toxic players that might come your way.

This article will provide you with all the necessary details that you might need to understand how to deal with such players when they come your way.

Kicking Someone Out In Among Us?

With so many players joining Among Us almost on a daily basis, and the internet being what it is, there are bound to be toxic players who derive pleasure by ruining the game for everyone else.

How To Kick Someone Out In Among Us

In the game, Crewmembers have the option to converse with everybody when a dead body is reported, they need to decide who needs to be ejected for being the Imposter. The guilty are ejected out through the airlock and the innocent ones win the game. However, there are times when the lobby host along with the rest of the group needs to decide on whether or not to eject a person deliberately causing trouble for everyone.

How to Kick Players out of a Lobby in Among Us

Among Us is a game strictly based on the multiplayer experience. Meaning that players will always be in a lobby with strangers or friends. Sometimes there are players who might try to throw the game, spam the chat, or even break the general rules of that particular lobby.

How To Kick Someone Out In Among Us

The main reason a host (you) may kick someone out before the game starts is if the player joins with an offensive alibi or is being unnecessarily cruel or inappropriate in the pre-game chat. You can see all the players’ names while waiting for them to join. You can also see the texts by clicking or tapping the Text icon.

In order to remove someone before the start of a game, you need to find and clock the Boot icon just under the Text chat icon. This will open a separate page listing the names of players and allow you to Kick them from the current game or ban them entirely from ever entering your lobbies.

How to Kick Someone Out From an Ongoing Match

It is natural for a problem player to hide his agenda before the start of the game. In case this happens to you, and a toxic player reveals himself in the middle of a game, here is a guide on how you can Kick or Ban these players.

  • Call a meeting or wait for another player to call a meeting. Remember that it’s not necessary that the problem player is going to reveal themselves to you. They might bother others, in such a situation, you as the host are responsible for dealing with such situations.
  • Open the chat after everyone has joined in the emergency meeting.
  • Locate and tap the Boot icon. It signifies the Kick action in the game.
  • Then you must select and vote against the player you wanna kick.
How To Kick Someone Out In Among Us

It is worth mentioning that once the game has begun, it is much harder for Hosts to use their position to kick the ones they don’t like for any reason. That is because in order or a player to be banned then, 3 players must cast their vote against the same person.

Usually, if a player is inconsiderably rude or found cheating, ejecting them becomes relatively easy, since they are caught in the act.

In case you need to understand it further, here is a detailed video by Sourabh Gaming providing you with all the necessary details

When and When Not to Kick Players Out?

You can’t just kick anyone out on a whim. Although it isn’t too hard of a decision, it still requires a certain amount of consideration from you as a host. What matters the most is providing a holistic and positive game experience to the players. If a player is creating a negative experience for others, do not hesitate to kick them instantly. Since there are millions of players available to take their place, finding a better playgroup is not that scarce of an experience.

Another reason why you might want to kick a player is when you are trying to make room for a friend or a couple of friends. In this case, you should be considerate enough to let them know politely before kicking them out.

However, in case you do feel like removing a player for any other reason, such as being killed by them, or because they might be suspicious of you in the game, we strongly recommend you refrain from doing so. Removing players for such reasons will ultimately make your Among Us playgroup worse, and less fun for everyone involved.

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