Does Among Us have a Voice Chat?

If you want to experience the best of Among Us, you should play it with voice chat enabled. If you are wondering whether or not Among Us has a voice chat, here is all that you need to know.

Among us Text Room

While using voice, it is much easier to relay information quickly and communicate with other players without having to type out anything. As an added bonus, it is pleasurable to see people make up lies on spot, as they struggle to find words.

How to start a Voice Chat in Among Us?

Let me tell you right off the bat, Among Us does not have a Voice Chat mode built into the game. You can only access text chat rooms in order to communicate with friends or even strangers.

Various apps for voice calling

But do not lose hope, as there are ways through which you can easily get voice chat features while you play Among Us. Most of them rely on establishing a third-party voice call. You as a consumer are free to use any kind of third-party app that enables you to make voice calls to your friends- Discord, WhatsApp, Messenger, Meet, or Skype. All of these applications can easily be accessed through websites on a PC. Meanwhile, for mobile users, apps can be downloaded for the same.

How to install and use Discord with Among Us?

Download Discord– It is available for Android as well as iOS in the form of an application. Windows users can download the compatible app using Discord’s official website.

Install Discord voice calling

Once done, open the app and register yourself by following the guidelines within the application.

Upon registration, you will be asked to send out friend requests to your friends already on Discord. You can also join Among Us game servers which are available on the platform.

After completing the setup, you will be able to easily start a voice call with as many of your friends as you want to play Among Us with. Just make sure to launch the app and connect everyone to the call before hopping into the game.

Best Among Us Discord Servers

Here are the best Discord servers that our team could find for Among Us:

  • Innersloth
Innersloth server voice chat
  • Among Us
among us voice chat server
  • Among Us Community
Community voice chat server
  • Among Us LFG
LFG voice chat server

Alternate Method to connect to Voice Chat in Among Us

Using Crewlink Proximity Chat for PC players: Crewlink Proximity Chat is a PC-only mod designed exclusively for Among Us. What it essentially does is, it lets you chat with players only when they are near you. Their voices will be audible to you based on how close the other players are to you. Another condition for Crewlink to work is that your copy of Among Us must be downloaded from Steam only. The Crewlink mod is available for purchase for a price of Rs.250.

Once you have downloaded Among Us from Steam and acquired a copy of the mod, you can easily use it to launch the Among Us game. After that, you can tweak the mod according to yourself and join a fun game of Among Us.

among us with running crewmate proximity chat.

Kindly note that for this Mod to work, everyone who joins your game must have this mod installed and configured for it to work.

While playing with strangers using the Discord servers, we recommend sticking to Discord only. As Discord uses a pseudonym instead of your real name, it keeps the interaction pretty safe and your private data safe. Sensitive information like your email, full name or even phone numbers should not be shared in any case. Just stick to the in-game text option if you want to be extra vigilant.

Finally, as personal advice to you – get in the habit of always muting yourself when you’re not in the Voting part of the game! After all, you wouldn’t want to spoil your own game due to any secrets coming out, would you?

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