How to get Free Stars in Among Us?

Stars are the in-game premium currency of Among Us. They were introduced in the Update v 2021.11.09. to help support its developers.

The Update brought a completely new Shop, brand-new cosmetics, Cosmicube Mechanics and a lot more to the table. In case you want to learn everything about these stars and how you can get them for free, read on…

What are Stars and How to get them for Free in Among Us?

Starting off, let us inform you that there is no official way to earn these premium Stars for free. Players are required to pay, quoting Innersloth, “Cold hard cash.” When it comes to the process of obtaining these stars. We will do the explaining, you can focus on earning the money. Trust us, you’re gonna need it.

What are the Stars in Among Us?

Innersloth introduced two new currencies in their Roles and Cosmecubes update. The developer has clarified that it is their take on the Battle Pass. The first one is Beans, while the other one, as we know is Star. You must remember, neither Beans nor Stars are required to play Among Us. Both are solely used to provide a premium cosmetic touch to your character.

Free stars in among us

Here are the current prices for Stars in the Among Us store.

Star AmountPrice in USD

What can you do with Stars?

There are Cosmicubes and multiple cosmetic bundles that are purchased with Stars from the in-game store. The Bundles and Cosmicubes are available in shops that keep cycling at intervals. Hence, make sure to check the Shop every now and then to see what you like.

free stars in among us

Let us take you through them for reference…

Bundle or ComicubeStar Price
Airship Bundle20 Stars
Mira Bundle20 Stars
Polus Bundle20 Stars
Brainslug Pet Bundle30 Stars
Bedcrab Pet Bundle30 Stars
Animal Pet Bundle30 Stars
Stickmin Pet Bundle30 Stars
Crewmate Pet Bundle30 Stars
Airship Cosmicube90 Stars
Arcane Cosmicube80 Stars
Trick Cosmicube70 Stars

How to get Stars in Among Us


Once you get hold of cash to flash. Load it up into your card and hop into Among Us. On the Title screen, the go to Shop icon and select the Star Tab. You should now be on the page for buying the Stars.

Choose from the available assortment of Star packs and proceed to pay. Always make sure to buy only what you need.

Responsibility and Safety


If you are a minor, ie less than 18 years of age, make sure to take permission from a guardian before you make any purchases online.

The items you acquire through Stars are cosmetic only. They provide no aid whatsoever to the gameplay.

Have a clear vision of how you want to spend those Stars, this will help you determine the number of stars that you need to purchase.

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