How to add friends in Among Us?

Among Us is a space themed game of betrayal and fun. It is a popular game in 2020.the characters are really cute. A crew contains abou 4-10 players. Usually it is fun when there are more people. As we know more people, more fun, but with social distancing.

As we all know there are 2-3 imposters in a game. But if you are a crew mate you dont know who the imposter is. Moreover, the crewmates duty is to perform missions, identifying a n imposter and eliminating them. Meanwhile, in the game, the imposter’s job is to act as a crewmate, stop all the missions one by the crewmates and eliminate them without a word from the space ship into the space floating.

The game can be fun anywhere. Moreover, it is real fun if we play the game with our friends and family. You can also play it online but playing it with the people we know is much more exciting.

The game is available in Playstore for free and in Windows , you have to pay to play the game on laptop or PC. Innersloth, the creator of among us, wanted to release Among Us 2 but gave up their plans.



add friends in among us

You can play Among Us either online or with a local network.  And the first way is to gather your friends and ask them to be available. And now you have to create a room just like you do in the ludo king. When you go to the menu you find different options lik host , private and publi. You have to choose ‘host’ to create the room and a code is generated. Now it is shared to your friends to join the game. 

If you are th ehost you also get to choose who can play in your game and also how many impostors do you need in your game. But if you wish to have more people than 10 or other random players. For instance, the room can be set to public so  that people can join using the local network near to the place where you created a room.




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