Games keep evolving with time. Android games or mobile games keep upgrading everyday. They develop to the extinct that even technology is one step backward. Pandemic seems to be going on and on our gaming skills. They are our only source of passtime. Let’s talk about the game CLASH ROYALE.

Clash royale.

Clash Royale is an online rush game. Just like various games, it is also a multiplayer game. One can play either 1vs1 game or 2vs2 game.

At the start of the game, we see players rushing towards the king tower collecting rewards and facing different obstacles and hurdles. By the end of the game the one who destroys the tower wins the game immediately.

The highest level that a player can reach is level 13.moreover, there are slo different locations that you can choose while before starting the game. There are also card available in Clash royale.

You hve to be in a clan that is already created by the players or even you can reate a clan. Did you know that there was also a competition held for Clash royales in indonesia? And it also won google play awards in 2016.



Mobile data is essential for everything in the world. Be it for watching movies, attending online classes, booking items and playing games on the mobile. And to play a game you need to know about the data that a game uses in order for you to play.

Clash royale consumes mobile data for about 15-20 megabytes for an hour of game play. For a minute it uses about a few kilobytes. And for 10games of Cladh royale uses upto 3 megabyte. It is so less than we can imagine.

But let’s go with 15-20 megabytes of data for an hour. If you play the game for an hour daily, then the game consumes up to 450- 600 megabytes.


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