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Mobile Game

The game, Mobile Legends was initially released in the year 2016. It is popular in East Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, etc. Did you even know there was even a gaming contest like the nationals. And there was even a game competition even held in the Philippines. Just like the Arena of valor, Mobile legends is an online battle themed game.

In this game there are two teams that battle on a field. So, each team has only five members. Also, he main aim of a team is to destroy the team base of others. But in the game, we get to choose a charcter of our liking.  It is a 5vs5 player game. For instance, you get to play for alomst 30 minutes.
Moreover, there are also different ranks given to the players like a warrior, elite, master, grandmaster, and, legend. So, it is almost like a level update as you keeps playing the game.


For a good game to have a smooth play, one needs to have a good data backup. And it is essential to know how much data does a game consumes. It takes for about 35 mb of data to playa mobile game.
Mobile Legends usually take about 25 -27 megabytes for a 15-minute game. For  an hour, it tales about 700-800 megabytes of data. And for a month you tend to uses up to 7-8GB.

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