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Mobile games are a sure thing for every age. In the world not a single person exists who dosent know of mobile game.there are different types of games one could play. Aslo there are a lot of genres. For example they are action, detective, idel, racing games, battle games, etc. And also there is also a survival game called ‘Fortnite’.

Fortnite is a survival themed game. If you are a player, all you need to do is survive. Also there are upto 100 players and also they are shown skydiving just like in free fire. So, after that they fall on an island. It is an isolated island. Among the 100 members you should be the sole surviver.

All the players  on the island dosen’t have any weapons. Weapons and different objects that could be of use are kept in chests and boxes. The players had to search for them to obtain the. If you attain items you have to use them for survival.

This makes you feel that you are searching for treasure. And Everyone loves treasure hunts irrespective of age. As a result, after gaining items you either attack the other players on the island or avoid them in order to survive. Moreover, the island which has all the players shrink with time. And you have to be the last player standing. The last survivor is the winner. 



Online games use up a lot of data. But it is not much when we compare it with the time we are playing. For good gaming you need to probably have a good data pack. For a game of Fortnite, approximately about 13 GB of data is used.

And for a game of 15 minute 10 megabyte of data is used. And for an hour play it used up to 60 megabyte of data. As a result, if you play religiously for an hour every day you tend to use upto 1.5 gb of data.

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