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Arena of valor is an online battle game.It is about a few super heroes battling on the battle field.. The players first choose an avatar. But the super hero character  and you choose has its own skills. 

There are different modes in playing this game the main modes are

  • Grand battle 
  • Valley skirmish
  • Abyssal clash

Grand battle is a 5 vs 5 game. It is also a top ranked mode. Valley skirmish is 3vs 3 player game. It can be a 4-5 min game. For instance, it has a smaller map when compared to valley skirmish. Abyss clash is also a 5vs 5 game.

The player defeats or kills the  enemies on the map. Morover, each match must last from about 18 minutes in the meantime the players had to destroy the enemies using kills or the power that are given to the avatrs.

The powers of the character vary from character to character. And not all the avatars have the same power and also in the game there are various friendly creatures that doseny involve or kill the characters in the game. And also there are creatures that kill the charecters.

After we play  games we are rewarded with rewards like gold.And with this gold one upgrade avatars and we can also buy anything related to boosting the skills of the avatar.


As we all know playing games needs data. Without data there is no game of anything. Similarly in playing the game of Arena of valor we need to know how much data is needed.

For a game of Arena of valor approximately 8 mb is used. And in an hour you can play 3 different modes of game each and only use upto 20-25 megabytes of mobile data. Each game in a single mode can be approximately upto 6-8 megabytes. If you play religiously for an hour the whole month you will end up using 20-25 megabytes of data which is relatively low.

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