Mini Militia is a fun game. It is a doodle game that is popular among teens and adults equally. For instance, it is shooting game that needs battle skills to be a survivor till the end ain the process you can kill as many enemies you can Here are different modes in this game which you can pick according to your liking.

  • Training and survival.

You can choose this mode when you are new to the game of Mini Militia. If you choose this mode then you get to train by Coach Surge . He will be your guide in making you learn all the basic skills required in a battle field. And in survival, you will go to a level higher than the training. Here you will fight alongside Coach Surge and kill as many enemies as possible.

  • Quick play.

If you know the basic and if you have an idea of the game play of Mini Militia. Then you are good to go. You can diectly choose quick play.  And all you have to do is select the mode, get ready, kill as many enemies as possoble.

  • Multiplayer.

You even have an option to have multiplayer games in mili militia. You can either form an online group of six or a local group of approximately 12 members and play the game.


Data consumptions for Mini Militia

For a perfet game playone needs to have good mobile data too. But sometimes it is also necessary to take note of the data that the game is consuming for an effective game play.

In 4g networks the game can take up for approximately 108 megabytes for a one hour play. And that means it uses upto 9 megabyte of data for 5 min. So if you play a one hour game of Mini Militia religiously or regularly for a month it takes about 3.5 GB for a month.


Guns and weapons are other features that attract us to the game of Mini Militia. More over, there are attractive weapons like AK47,MP5,M14 , shotgun, grenades and bazookas. 


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