It’s been the end of the year. Everyone in the country still feels it is still June but it is December. People around the world are talking to their loved ones through mobile. That’s the only way to communicate with social distancing. Still some people choose to self-quarantine even when there are works going on. Now everything is work from home. Bht we all know how boring it had been during the lockdown. Our only connectivity that interrupts our inner child is Mobile Games. for instance, there are few games in covid that caught our eye.


The fact that we are basically spending all of our days at home is definitely impacting our lives and our consumption habits. In many places all around the globe, all stores that are not supermarkets or first necessity are closed, and people are looking for a way to distract themselves that does not imply leaving the house, a favorable time for mobile games that are literally within reach.


  • CALL OF DUTY (games during covid )


callof duty games in covid

Call of Duty is a free to play mobile game developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activision and Garena for Android and iOS. It was released on October 1, 2019. The game has to modes in which you can play.


Battle Royale (100 players compete on a huge map with amazing graphics and the one who survives until the end wins)


Multiplayer (5V5 and 10V10 matches with modes like TDM, Domination, Hardpoint, Search & Destroy and much more)


The game play of call of duty is really engaging and takes you totally into the game.

Season 9 which was released in August 2020 has brought in some great features. The best feature of season 9 of Call of Duty: Mobile and one of it being the Gunsmith. This gives you options to customize your guns and add tons of attachments. You can add 1) Optics 2) Barrels 3) Increase Mag 4) Foregrips 5) Stocks 6) Muzzle etc.


You can also play this game with your friends like in the multiplayer mode.


  • GARENA FREE FIRE (games during covid)

free fire games n covid

Garena free fire won ‘Best popular vote game’ in 2019.It is an action adventure game. In this game the players fall from a parachute and land on an island whichis secluded with no people and the team had to kill all the enemies of the opposite team. Moreover, it is very time consuming and thrilling at the same time. They are coming up with a new theme called Free Fire Max.


  • LUDO KING (games during covid)

ludo king games in covid

Ludo king was our favorite game in the lockdown. And gave us the experience of people realy sitting together to play with live chat. It is simple yet nerve wrecking game which consumes a lot of time and makes us forget our loneliness in the lock down.


  •  UNO!

uno games in covid

This game is now available over the mobile. This mobile game can be played by anyone above the age of 3 to adults. It’s also just like ludo king made people together and forget you are lonesome. Just like ludo king, you should create a room , you get a code, share the code to your desired friend and play!



among us games in covid

Among us is a space themed game which has betrayal. It has a team of 10 or more than 10 members 2-3 members are imposters others are crewmates. And the crewmates dont know the imposter and their job is to find and eliminate the imposter will performing missions given to them in a space suit.  Also, It is fun with betrayal.



animal restaurant

Animal Restaurant is a very cute game with cute graphics. And this mobile game was released by DH-Publishers. You can say it is an idle game, which is played just to pass time, the characters are real fun. If you dont want to think or crack your brain for a game. Then this game is for you.



piano tiles

Music is an art of healing. And What happens you mix both music and game? As a result, you get games like piano tiles. You can play your favourite song’s tunes by playing the titles of piano but they are fast. Moreover ,You have different options in choosing a game of piano tiles according to your own conveniance.This mobile game is for all music lovers.



cut the rope

It is a creative and a game which requires thinking. And also there is a cute little creature attached with rope or on the rope you have to make it reach the home shore without making it fall in water.



talking tom friends

It is a game for kids and it is a house of fun. All the talking friends move into a house called talking Tom friends. And you have to take care of them in a single house. Moreover, is just like how it is in the tv show called ‘F.r.i.e.n.d.s’ a group of friends living together and having fun.




When this mobile game released it was everywhere asking you to play.  And Keeping aside the advertising, it is a fun game to play and has different puzzles and mission and you earn points which help us to build a garden. Also It fun especially, the missions. 


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