Top 7 Tips and Tricks in Among Us

Top 7 best tips and tricks in Among Us. Among Us is a game packed with lies and deceit through and through. Whether you drop in as a Crewmember or an Imposter, the only way to survive and win is to befriend your dark side and blatantly lie to your friends. Have you ever found yourself in a situation that is hard to get out of, you must have found yourself lacking words to defend your position.

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With extensive research and racking up hours of gameplay, we bring to you the top 7 Tips and Tricks in Among Us which can definitely help you escape from a pinch and aid you in becoming the best Among Us player.

Top 7 Tips and Tricks for Imposters

Playing the role of an Imposter is all about confidence and misdirection. If you are spotted killing a Crewmate or using a vent, you can shift the blame on them with some smooth talking and distraction. As an impostor, you’ll need to maintain a cool and collected exterior while you carry out your fiendish scheme of murder. But be careful not to give away too much or appear too helpful-otherwise, players will assume you’re an Impostor trying to pass off suspicion on others. Here are top 7 tips and tricks you can use to become a better Impostor mentioned below:

1. Keep Sabotaging

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Players can sabotage the game from any place on the map. It is worth noting that there is a cooldown timer for sabotaging, just like killing. The Imposter is forced to wait for the timer to reset in order to get on with sabotaging again. Killing off the lights, Sabotaging the Reactor or the O2 Filter, and even closing doors to lock Crewmembers are some of the most effective sabotage tricks to help you win as an Imposter.

2. Watch out for the Kill-Timer

Imposters cannot just murder Crewmates on a whim, as there is a Kill Cooldown Timer. Avoid going in for a kill if it leads to you chasing them for more than 15 seconds. Be strategic about which Crewmembers need to die first. If a crewmember who was weary of you suddenly dies in the next round, the suspicions are naturally going to fall on you.

3. Friends with the Vents

top tips and tricks for among us

One of the most useful escape tools in Among Us is Venting. Vents allow Imposters to commit heinous murders and get away from the crime scene at a moment’s notice. It can help them avoid suspicions while working towards the end goal of wiping off the Crewmembers and winning the game.

4. Sabotage during the Kill Cooldown

The Kill cooldown is always 20 seconds or more. Players can use this time to escape from the crime scene and sabotage. This ensures that the crewmembers are distracted from their usual tasks and scram to fix them. In a lot of cases, sabotaging right after the kill might also keep the crewmembers from finding and reporting the body for long enough to plan the next kill.

5. Fake it till you Make it

top tips and tricks for among us

Another strategy that works surprising well for Imposters is to fake crewmember’s task. You must be aware that Imposters are not given any task on the map. Their soul objective is to eliminate the crewmembers and sabotage the mission. Faking crewmember’s task diverts any suspicious players who might be inclined to vote against you. Please keep in mind though to stay away from tasks which provide visual clues to others. If a visual task is faked, the visual affects wont show up, in which case, the strategy might back-fire on you.

6. Combine Self Report and Walk-Away

top tips and tricks for among us

If a single person keeps reporting all the murders, it is natural for the crewmembers to take that person as the killer. You, as an Imposter can report bodies after killing them or choose to walk away. You must decide the best course of actions in a way that confuses the other players. Try to blame the next player, vent out of the crime scene or even report the body while another player is near it. They both have their risks and benefits, so technically, using both should cancel out the effects of each other.

7. Counter-Accusation Façade

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Remember, the only way you can get caught as an imposter is when you are voted out of the ship. You must do everything in your capacity to avoid suspicion from the crewmembers. However, when being accused of murder, don’t just say “I didn’t do it!” Other players will continue to accuse you if all you can do is negate their claim. A much better alternative is to counter-accuse the Accuser. Redirect the blame to the same person or someone else so that the crewmembers do not unite against you.

Top Tips for Crewmates and Imposters

Every Game of Among Us is filled with unpredictable shenanigans. However, the one constant that exists in every round is: Imposters must kill all the Crewmembers in secrecy, while Crewmembers must focus on completing their tasks before all of them are murdered. The real challenge of the game lies in the social deduction and lying skills of the players.

Map Layout and Mechanics. Map awareness is one of the major skills to learn as soon as you start playing Among Us. Areas bright blue in color are for you to wander, while the grey faded parts are inaccessible. Remember this to avoid getting trapped at Dead-ends.


Also, you must by-heart the areas which are not labelled on the map. As you explore the map, take a mental note of areas that do not show up on the map. As an imposter, these secret rooms can be used to kill and hide Crewmembers. On the flip side, as a Crewmember, knowing the location of these rooms can be beneficial in capturing the Imposter.


Stay close to players who have proved their innocence. Once a player’s innocence has been proven, as a crewmember, you need to stick with them through the entirety of the game. Having a trusted player by your side at all times can elevate your chances of proving your innocence. They can vouch for you and you can vouch for them. Remember, crewmembers’ strength is in numbers.

Here is a detailed Tips and Tricks without for Among Us from Clash Universe to help you put it even further.

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