How to Trade Beans for Cosmicubes in Among Us

How to Trade Beans for Cosmicubes in Among Us: If you are reading this article, you must know about the new Roles and Cosmecubes update of the popular multiplayer Among Us. The developers have introduced new game mechanics such as accumulating XP points to level up. In addition, this update also brought a plethora of new cosmetics.

This article is a step-by-step guide for you to understand what Cosmecubes are, how you can unlock them and How to Trade Beans for Cosmicubes in Among Us

Whare are Beans and How to Trade Beans for Cosmicubes?

To unlock the Cosmecubes, players are required to earn and spend Beans. This is one of the new currencies introduced in the update. Players can earn Beans simply by playing the game and completing matches.

Once you earn enough Beans to purchase a Cosmicube, it is then activated. And ready to be bought from the Among Us Store.

How to Trade Beans for Cosmicubes in Among Us

Upon activation, you will be introduced to Pods. You need to earn Pods alongside Beans. The process, however, is similar to earning Beans. Remember, the kind of Pods you earn will be dependent on the Cosmicube that you unlock.

You will also be provided an opportunity to win even more Beans and Pods. It is done by gaining more and more experience through gameplay to level up. When they do, they will be awarded Multipliers, allowing you to unlock Cosmecubes faster.

Another currency that was added through Roles and Cosmecubes is Star. Players can use these to purchase the Cosmecubes. However, these Stars are the premium currency that can only be acquired by spending real money.

Once you own these Cosmecubes, you can choose to activate it. Remember that only one Cosmicube is activated at a time. Still, you can easily deactivate your current Cosmicube and activate another one that you may own.

How to Trade Beans for Cosmicubes in Among Us

We advise you to stick with one Cosmicube until you have the items that you want from it. Ultimately, it’s in your hands to experiment and have fun in the process.

On the Cosmicube screen, you can use the above-mentioned Pods to unlock Tiles along several branches. Opening a tile from any branch will reward you with a permanent cosmetic item in your account. That’s all there is to the Cosmicubes and its mysteries.

Mira Cosmicube

Mira Cosmicube is the default option available to all the Among Us players. We have compiled a detailed list of all the Tile unlocks available for you to choose in this Cosmicube:

Left Side

CosmeticTypePrerequisitePods Cost
Hive Got To Do WeaponsNameplateNone50
Wood You Look At ThatNameplateHive Got To Do Weapons50
Hazmate (Red)SkinHive Got To Do Weapons150
Hazmate (White)SkinHazate (Red)150
Block Toxics (White)VisorHazmate (White)75
Hazmate (Black)SkinHazmate (Red)150
Block Toxics (Black)VisorHazmate (Black)75
Block Toxics (Red)VisorHazmate (Red)75
Hazmate (Blue)SkinBlock Toxics (Red)150
Hazmate (Pink)SkinHazmate (Blue)150
Block Toxics (Pink)VisorHazmate (Pink)75
Hazmate (Green)SkinHazmate (Blue)150
Block Toxics (Green)VisorHazmate (Green)75
Block Toxics (Blue)VisorHazmate (Blue)75
Important DocumentsHatBlock Toxics (Blue)100
Passcard (Blue)VisorImportant Documents75
Passcard (Red)VisorPasscard (Blue)75
Head In The CloudsHatImportant Documents100
BushfriendPetHead In The Clouds300

Right Side

CosmeticTypePrerequisitePods Cost
Slippery When Wet (Blue)HatNone100
Today’s Menu: Pizza JuiceNameplateSlippery When Wet (Blue)50
Peach DrinkHatToday’s Menu: Pizza Juice100
Greatest Headset (Yellow)HatToday’s Menu: Pizza Juice100
Greatest Headset (Pink)HatGreatest Headset (Yellow)100
Greatest Headset (Blue)HatGreatest Headset (Pink)100
Whose Vine Is It Anyway?NameplateGreatest Headset (Yellow)50
The Sky BelowNameplateWhose Vine Is It Anyway?50
SneakySkinWhose Vine Is It Anyway?150
One In The HandHatSneaky100
Unique SpecimenHatOne In The Hand100
Vine Just VineHatSneaky100
Exotic Flower (Red)HatVine Just Vine100
Exotic Flower (Blue)HatExotic Flower (Red)100
Business Skirt (Blue)SkinSneaky150
Business Skirt (Aqua)SkinBusiness Skirt (Blue)150
Business Skirt (Tan)SkinBusiness Skirt (Blue)150
SpectaclesVisorBusiness Skirt (Blue)75

So what are you waiting for? Jump into a session with your friends now and experience the amazing new features of Among Us right now!

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