Which gun is the best in Valorant?

Which gun is the best in Valorant? Are you looking to find out which is the best gun in Riot’s tactical FPS shooter, Valorant? Good news! We have spent hours testing each and every candidate for the position, read on to find which are the best guns available in Valorant.

best guns in valorant

The Best guns in Valorant

Valorant requires you to have instinctive control on your movement and play style. The mobility and mechanics of the game are dependent on gun control as well. You must learn to control your in-game economy to buy better and bolder weapons with ease in the subsequent rounds.

top guns in valorant

When a round begins, you can only afford to buy a pistol. From that point on, you must earn money by racking up kills in order to purchase better guns. Keep in mind that if you die in a round, you lose the gun along with the money you spent on them.

However, as important as the game economy and your fiscal position is, any round can be easily won solely with starting pistol. We advice you to keep a check on how much money you are left with at the end of each round and you are sorted.

An important aspect of gun control in Valorant is the Weapon Damage stats. It’s a simple concept- Deal more damage with Headshots, less with body shot and barely any with torso shots and so on.

Which Guns are the Best in Valorant?

Here is a list of the best weapons in each of the four classes of weapons that are available to use at players’ discretion:

Best Pistol in Valorant

A pistol is a weapon you start with in Valorant. However, do not overlook it, even in the later rounds. Among all the options provide, Ghost is our personal favourite. It is a force to be reckoned with. Just a single hit to the head, and your opponent is six-feet under. Moreover, the quick-fire rate can provide massive damage points to a fairly accurate player.

which gun is best in valorant

Ghost comes fairly cheap at 500 credits. During our testing, we found ourselves defaulting to this wonderful side arm more often than we’d like to admit. The only point worth remembering is, to try to keep the number of subsequent shots low, this helps keep accuracy on point.

Best SMG in Valorant

If you are looking for the perfect step-up from Ghost, look no further than Spectre. SMGs are a good Intermediary between pistols an Assault Rifles, which are your mainstay.


It not only feels great in hand, but Spectre’s silent shower is also blazing fast and can potentially cut down clusters of enemies in quick succession.

Spectre is also known to facilitate burst Headshots at mid-range. It is a great way to get ahead fast and warm yourself up before those Big Boys are unleashed.

Best Assault Rifle in Valorant (Best Gun in Valorant)

For all the CS-GO fans out there, Vandal is Valorant’s version of an AK-47. Lethal Headshots from any distance, that is all you need to know about this spectacular primary weapon. We suggest you use this weapon in every round, if you can muster up the credits that is.

which gun is best in valorant

It became our personal favourite in just a couple of rounds. Vandal excels in hands of even decent players thanks to his excellent recoil and rapid fire. However, be weary as it can be difficult to manage in a close-up rumble. Vandal will reward you with quick kills if you handle them well but will punish you for missing your enemy’s head.

Best Sniper in Valorant

The Operator is the go-to sniper in Valorant. It is capable of firing lethal shots to the head and body from great distances. In the right hands, it is nothing less than a beast. The Operator also doesn’t come cheap, at 4500 credits.


However, if you are relatively new to Valorant, you must note that Snipers are the toughest class of weapons to master. Polish your hands on the more beginner-friendly guns mentioned in the list before you even think of handling the Operator.

The only caveat of sniper rifles is that they pretty much fall apart in close combat. Just keep this in mind, practice your aim. And you’re all set to demolish players one after the other.

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