How to get the Among Us Back Bling in Fortnite

Emergency Meeting!! Have you been eagerly waiting for the Epic Games Among Us and Fortnite cross-over? It was finally announced with Back Bling of the Crewmates from Among Us and the dance from the Henry Stickmin. This article will explain how to acquire the Among Us Back Bling and the Henry Stickmin emote in Fortnite.

Being revered as perhaps the greatest crossover event for the Gen-Z, the Among Us Back Bling offer is available to all the new as well as old players until June 2023. It is the hottest new Cosmetic upgrade that players are trying to get hold of. A lesser-known fact is, that this update also signifies the ending of a cold war between game developers Innersloth and Epic. This exclusive item and emote combo is available with particular purchases from the Store.

How to buy the Fortnite Among Us Back Bling

To obtain the Among Us Back Bling, you need to buy a copy of Among Us from the Epic Games Store, available for $4.99 or Rs.199 INR. Upon purchase, the next time you open Fortnite, the items will show up in your collection for use. Please note that your Fortnite Account must also be linked to the Epic Games server for verification purposes.

Among Us Back Bling in Fortnite Customization

Now as for the players who already own Among Us, Epic has provided a way to acquire these new Cosmetics. All that needs to be done is to buy a Stars Bundle from the Among Us Store. $1.99 is the cheapest option. Remember that you cannot purchase any stars if you do not have the base game.

Among Us Bling Pack Customizations

If you opt for either one of these packages, you will have a variety of Fortnite Among Us Crewmate Back Bling. And when I say variety, trust me, you will not be disappointed as you can choose between Red, Blue, Black, White, Orange, Yellow, Purple, and Brown styles. Players can customize to their heart’s content. Kill your opponents and look cool at the same time. If you are already impressed, wait, there’s even more! The Distraction Dance Emote from The Henry, a game by Innersloth, is also available in the purchase. These cosmetics can be bought only through PC via the Epic Games Store. However, after that, it can be used in the game on all platforms when you sign in using your account.

The Fortnite Among Us back bling has been a trendy and hyped customization among gamers, so it makes sense for you to crave it too. Since the only way to purchase it is through the Epic Games Store, you might feel like you’re missing out on it if you don’t have access to it. Don’t worry! There is news that the Among Us back bling and emote are available for purchase in the in-game shop of Fortnite too.

What is a Back Bling in Fortnite

Back Bling is an entirely cosmetic item that was introduced in Season 3 of Fortnite. They are available for purchase with V-bucks, the in-game premium currency of Fortnite. Epic has also introduced a number of special and promotional Back Bling to boost marketing.

Here is a list of some of the rarest Back Blings introduced to the game to date,

S. No.NameRarityTypeSetDescriptionCost
1Battle LegendGamingLegendsBack BlingMaster ChiefYou will never know defeat. Maybe.1500 
2MimirGamingLegendsBack BlingOathbreakerWise and wizened.1500 
3Super Cab-MasherGamingLegendsBack BlingStreet FighterI’ve got next.1600 
4Survivor’s PackGamingLegendsBack BlingLara CroftJust room for the essentials.
5Training BagGamingLegendsBack BlingStreet FighterAlways be training.1600 
6Turbo Ball!GamingLegendsBack BlingRocket LeagueIt’s in a (Rocket) League of its own
7AroworldIconBack BlingTravis ScottMy Planet, My Home2000 
8Baby GingyIconBack BlingLazarBeamTake your son to work day.
9Balls of PowerIconBack BlingTheGrefgPowerful artifacts from another world.1500 
10Buddy BagIconBack BlingLoserfruitKeep your friends close…1500 
11Cactus JackIconBack BlingTravis ScottNo Bystanders1500 
12Lazer WingsIconBack BlingLazerismFree the universe.1600 
13Ninja’s EdgeIconBack BlingNinjaKeep your skills sharp.1500 
14PWR PackIconBack BlingPWRPower up.1500 

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