What are all the Roles in Among Us? All Roles Explained

What are all the Roles in Among Us? Among Us is an outstanding game of social deduction and hidden roles. It is filled with accusations, deceptions, and brutal murders. The objective of the game is as simple as figuring out who the Imposter is before it’s too late. Alternatively, you become the Imposter and start picking off Crewmates before they can get the spaceship to launch. The game is also totally free to play on mobile devices, except for some cosmetic items that have been introduced in the recent Roles and Cosmicube update.

The creators of Among Us have kept fans happy by providing regular updates to its maps and features, most recent of these were the Roles for players to try out. Among Us uses an algorithm to randomly select players for the roles of Imposters and Crewmate, which have been around since the game’s inception. When a Crewmate is murdered, they turn into a Ghost and roam around the map freely. However, four new roles have been introduced in addition to the original three. But what are Roles and which ones are the best to play, let’s find out.

What are Roles in Among Us?

Innersloth introduced four refreshing new roles in their popular online multiplayer Among Us. In these roles, the Engineer, Scientist, Guardian Angel, and Shapeshifter have managed to add exciting new game mechanics and spice up the familiar Imposter-Crewmate routine of deception.

Since the introduction of these Roles, every round of Among Us feels much more dynamic and unpredictable, Whether you are an excellent employee trying to fly a spaceship or a master of deduction, you must understand how each of these roles works to better understand the new layers of mechanics that have been introduced to Among Us.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is, simply put, a Ghost with superpowers. The first Crewmate who dies at the hands of the Imposter becomes the Guardian Angel. He can then shield a single player temporarily from being killed by the Imposter.

What are all the Roles in Among Us

This role is there to help those who were killed off early on, to make them feel more involved. However, timing your shield with the imposter’s attack can be a tricky job.

Honestly, it just feels more like a consolation prize for dying early on.


You must be aware that any Crewmate can check the vitals of all the players in that round at certain areas of the maps. It provides us with an insight to deduce who the Imposter is/are.

What are all the Roles in Among Us

The role of a Scientist is somewhat similar. They carry a portable version of the Vital panel so that they don’t need to rush back to any specific area to gain said information. However, they need to perform tasks to recharge the Perk’s cooldown, and cannot be used constantly. Since the Scientist has the potential to catch a killer red-handed, there is always a white target on his back.


Before the launch of the Roles and Cosmicube update, the only ones allowed to use the Vents were the Imposter. This however changed with the introduction of Engineers. These tiny tech geniuses can Vent in and out of places despite being a Crewmember. It is an incredibly handy power essential for both, escaping sudden death by the hand of the Imposter and catching them out as they intend to use the Vent to flee the crime scene.

There is of course a catch, like a scientist, the Engineer also needs to recharge this ability by performing signed tasks. Even then, only a limited number of Venting is allowed. We advise you to be cautious as an Engineer as this can lead to you popping out at rather suspicious situations., making them look very sus. It can also lead to the Imposter claiming to be the Engineer themselves and transferring the blame on you.

Shapeshifter (Best of Roles in Among Us)

The best of the lot, Shapeshifter is a very exciting role to play as. This also happens to be the only role in the Imposter’s arsenal. They can transform into any other player in an instant. Shapeshifting ability is perfect if you want to frame someone else for your evil deeds.

As usual, there are also some risks involved with the ability. It takes more than a second to transform, and you leave behind evidence of the same. The shapeshifter requires mastery over being the imposter. This role enhances the game, bringing in loads and loads of mind game shenanigans into the mix. Shapeshifter also fits in perfectly with the sci-fi outer space alien theme of the game itself, making Among Us even more fun to play.

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