What are Weaponized Builder Huts in Clash of Clans?

What are weaponized builder huts in Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans was first released in 2012. It has since then always remained on the charts of popular games. Over the years the game has received much love from the audience as well as the critics. With so much support from gamers, the developers have constantly released updates that have made the game even more interesting.

Initially, the Town Hall upgrades of Clash of Clans were capped at Level ten. Slowly and gradually, the developer has released updates introducing Town hall Levels eleven through fourteen. Town Hall Level fourteen is the most recent one introduced in the latest update of Clash Of Clans. It brought with it the ability to upgrade your Builder Huts to Defense buildings. Also known as Weaponized Builders Huts.

Weaponized Builder Huts in Clash of Clans

What are weaponized builder huts in Clash of Clans?

The upgrade to Town Hall level fourteen unlocks the capability to upgrade your beloved Builder’s Hut. There is an aggregate of four new Defensive Builder Hut levels. Once you upgrade them beyond Level two, these huts become increasingly fortified with new protective armor. As compared to previous huts, which were defenseless and an easy target for the attacking players, these new huts offer some form of defense against overrunning enemies.

Gone are those days when your builders abandoned their homes. It is time for them to use their abilities to aid in the battle for the motherland.

The Functionality of Weaponized Builder Huts

The weaponized turrets that are now available for the Builder’s Huts are capable of targeting both ground and air enemy troops. The range of these turrets is however limited to six unit blocks.

What are weaponized builder huts in Clash of Clans?

The Builders cannot be targeted by, or take damage from enemy troops. But the Spells in the game, namely Bane and Freeze. These spells should not be taken lightly as they can easily disrupt a working builder, leading to a weaker defense. Moreover, if hit by a Lightning Spell, builders get teleported back to their initial state, making repair tasks take longer.

Once a Builder’s Hut is destroyed the corresponding builder stops working. Perhaps they moan over the loss of their precious Hut.

How does this Hut affect Clash of Clans

With this update, the Builder’s Hut has been recategorized under ‘Defense’ structures, taking heavy damage from  Ballons, Hog Riders, and other enemy troops that target our defenses.

The Builders are also programmed to team up and repair the same structure. However, the speed and duration of their repair decrease each time a fresh builder joins in to work on the same structure. Moreover, these Huts have an area of four unit square and they cover only six. So we advise you to be mindful of where you want to place them. In the right spot, these huts can strengthen your defenses and aid in battles.

Do remember that these builders will stop working if their huts are destroyed. They return to repair their huts in case they are damaged. Therefore, strategically placing each of your Builders is a crucial part of the game mechanics now.

We knew Supercell had some major bombs planned to go off with the update that brought Townhall fourteen. Until now, the builder was simply a forgotten NPC that only wakes up when there is an upgrade scheduled by you. But now they are burdened with a glorious purpose in defending the village against unwanted attacks. This truly was a masterstroke from Supercell in our opinion.

That was all there is to know about the brand-new Weaponized Builder’s Huts from our end. Also read, How to play Clash of Clans on PC?, How to recover Clash of Clans Account?

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