How to Get Free Skins in Among Us Mobile

Among Us is a famous game that has been trending for a long time on social media. This game has been played by a large number of gamers for a long time. This game has been popular for several months. It was launched back in 2018, but the pandemic made the game a hit. the game currently has more than 90 million downloads across multiple platforms. Let’s take a look at how to get free skins in Among Us mobile.

How to get free skins

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A lot of players want to know how to get free skins in this game. You can solve your doubts mostly by following some Youtube videos. The fans also use the money to purchase their favorite skins but did you know you get these skins for free. In Among Us, there are already a handful of free skins accessible. As a result, the players in Among Us do not need to do anything extra to obtain skin. They will only need to go to the Computer in the pre-game lobby. They may then test out all of the skins offered in the game for free.

Aside from the free skins, there are several skins that may be purchased. These skins must be purchased with actual money by the players. However, it appears that paying money on a game is superfluous. As a result, we’ve negotiated a few methods for you to receive these skins for free.

Step 1
Open the game and join a public or private lobby

Step 2
Go to the laptop in the game

Step 3
Choose “customize”

Step 4
Open the skins tab. There will be some skins available

Step 5
Choose a paid skin and click on the dollar sign to purchase it

Step 6
You can now find the skin in the inventory

Here’s a video you can watch for the complete process



What is Among Us?

Among Us is a multiplayer game where 10 players are dropped into an alien spaceship, sky headquarters, or planet base. Each player is designated with a private role of either crewmate or an impostor. This is an online multiplayer social deduction game. The player gets to be either a crewmate or an imposter. One can play the game online or on local wifi with their friends.

Where is Among Us available?

The game is currently available on Android, iOS, and windows. It is available free of cost on Android and iOS with in-app purchases. The game costs Rs 199 on the Steam Store in Windows.

How to download Among Us?

Windows users may purchase the game for Rs 199 or $5 on the Steam Store or the company’s official website. Steam users may immediately download the game from the shop after making a purchase. Players that purchase the game via Inner Sloth’s website will receive a Steam Code, which they may use to download the game from the Steam Store. You can also download the game from the Google play store.

How to play Among Us Mobile?

Among Us is essentially a survival game in which you must either vacate all of the imposters and accomplish the missions, or the impostor must kill all of the crewmates or prevent them from completing the tasks in order to win. If you’ve been assigned to a crewmate, your mission is to locate the imposter. It’s a lot more enjoyable to play as an impostor than it is to play as a crewmate.

All an impostor has to do is kill the team members and ensure that no one can escape the places. Players can also remove other players from the location by voting them out. Until a fatality is reported, no crew member is allowed to converse while completing chores. When a certain player dies, the crew is given the opportunity to vote and identify the impostor.

Will there be Among Us 2 mobile?

Subsequently, Inner Sloth declared that Among Us 2 mobile will be released in August, however, it was scrapped barely a month later. The creators began to concentrate on the game’s original version. The sequel was set to be released in September. However, the developers chose to work on extending the present edition of the game due to the success of the original version.

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