Jedi Survivor Drifter Colors Location Map

Jedi Survivor Drifter Colors Location Map: Within the expansive universe of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the ability to customize your Jedi warrior is a vital component, enabling players to forge distinct and visually captivating characters. Among the array of desirable cosmetic items available, the Drifter outfit has emerged as a favorite among players.

Jedi Survivor Drifter Colors Location Map

In their quest to obtain the highly coveted Drifter jacket, aspiring Jedi must embark on a thrilling adventure across various locations. The swampy terrain of Viscid Bog in Koboh holds a secret chest that can only be discovered during a main quest. This chest contains the exclusive Drifter jacket, granting players a stylish and distinct appearance. However, the customization journey doesn’t end there. Jedi warriors must also travel to Mountain Ascent, where a hidden barrel holds the key to unlocking a range of captivating color variations and intricate patterns for the Drifter jacket, allowing for personalized expression.

In the expansive realm of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players have one burning question: Jedi Survivor Drifter Colors Location Map. Follow us, as we unravel the mystery, providing a step-by-step strategy to obtain this coveted attire and its colors.

Jedi Survivor Drifter Colors Location Map

To acquire the sought-after Drifter outfit, players must brave the treacherous swamp of Viscid Bog, nestled within the Koboh region. It is within this perilous landscape that a chest awaits, containing the key to unlocking the coveted attire.

To locate this chest, venture to the area just below the tent where Cal’s path intertwines with the rescue mission involving Vini and Zygg. As an integral part of the main questline, players will naturally find themselves traversing Viscid Bog during their second visit to Koboh, accompanied by Bode, Merrin, and Greez. 

Navigate the path leading to the primary objective to unveil the chest’s contents. However, be prepared to face an initial hurdle—a formidable green force field obstructs progress. Overcome this barrier by honing Cal’s skills and acquiring the air dash ability, enabling a seamless passage towards your fashionable reward.

Unlocking the Drifter Outfit Colors

To truly make the Drifter jacket your own, obtaining the appropriate color patterns is crucial. Follow these steps to acquire the desired customization options:

  1. Journey to Mountain Ascent: Make your way to Mountain Ascent.
  1. Break the Barrel: Once at Mountain Ascent, locate a barrel that holds the secret to unlocking the Drifter’s color patterns. It’s important to note that breaking this barrel is essential for accessing the desired customization options.
  1. Cross the Green Force Field: After breaking the barrel, proceed to cross the green force field near the Mountain Ascent meditation point. This will open up the path to your next destination.
  1. Platforms on the Right: As you continue your journey, you’ll encounter platforms on the right side. Leap onto these platforms and descend into a small valley that lies below.
  1. Discover the Color Patterns: Within this hidden area, you’ll uncover the patterns specifically designed for the Drifter outfit. Take your time to explore and find the perfect combination of colors that suits your Jedi’s style.

While exploring Mountain Ascent, it’s highly recommended to visit Foothill Falls. This additional location, found near Mountain Ascent, provides the opportunity to obtain another appealing cosmetic item—the Slicked Back hairstyle.

It’s important to remember that accessing this area is only possible after unlocking the dash ability, which becomes available during your journey on the planet Jedha.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to unlock and experiment with various color patterns for the Drifter jacket, allowing you to showcase your unique style and stand out in the battle against the forces of darkness.

Jedi Survivor Drifter Colors Location Map

Jedi Survivor Drifter Colors Location Map: Coordinating the Perfect Ensemble

Unlike some other costumes in Jedi Survivor, the Drifter outfit consists solely of a one-piece jacket. There are no separate pants or shirts to match. Players have the freedom to customize the Drifter’s appearance solely through the color patterns available.

It’s worth mentioning that wearing the Drifter outfit provides no inherent gameplay advantages or perks. Its purpose lies purely in allowing players to express their unique style and aesthetic preferences within the game.

Dressing in Style: Equipping the Drifter Jacket

To sport the fashionable Drifter jacket, access the Pause menu and navigate to the Customization section. Within the Jackets tab, players can toggle the Drifter outfit on and off at their leisure. There is no need to seek out a meditation point or workbench to make this change. The Drifter jacket is at your fingertips, ready to enhance your Jedi’s visual appeal.


In conclusion, the Drifter outfit in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a coveted cosmetic item that adds flair and style to your Jedi character. By following the detailed steps provided, you can easily obtain the outfit and its color patterns, allowing you to stand out among other players. Remember that equipping the Drifter outfit is purely for visual customization and does not grant any gameplay advantages.

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