Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Who Was in the Tank

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Who Was in the Tank: In the first chapter of Jedi: Survivor, Cal Kestis learns that Dagan, although being from more than a century ago, is still alive and well because of his time spent in a Bacta Tank. This shows that the Bacta Tanks would effectively keep characters alive for extraordinarily long periods, making it simple for them to stay alive for well over their lifespans. This revelation may prove to be the key to characters appearing in many eras, paving the way for fresh viewpoints and narratives that incorporate the franchise’s various historical periods.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Who Was in the Tank

Cal Kestis faces many frightening enemies in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but Dagan Gera may be the most lethal. The majority of the game’s plot is put into action by Cal’s discovery of him, a Jedi who soon travels down a Dark Path. Additionally, there is a little point about the character’s survival that might be helpful in the franchise’s future.

Let us, through this article, explore the story of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and find out who was in the Bacta Tank all along. Although these are all theories floating around, we have summarized the best ones here for your convenience.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Who Was in the Tank?

In the Official Story Trailer, the man from the Bacta tank can be seen later sporting robes emblazoned with the High Republic Crest. It is later revealed that the person Cal released was a High Rebuplic Jedi. This accounts for his disdain for Cal for allowing the galaxy to fall under the control of the Empire.

He was asking Cal about how the Empire came to be. This goes to show that the enigmatic guy was ignorant of Darth Sidious posing as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

It also strengthens the notion that he was imprisoned in the bacta tank during the Republic Era. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that he was there consciously.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Who was in the Bacta Tank – Dagan Gera

On the planet Koboh, Cal discovers a lost Jedi relay station and a Bacta Tank with a mystery humanoid within. This is Dagan Gera, a renegade Jedi Order member whose plans to build an Outer Rim Jedi Temple were hindered by mysterious forces. Using the Force to communicate, Cal learns that this is a Jedi who from the High Republic era. This indicates that he was born much before Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s plot.

He may have lived so long for a variety of reasons, including the fact that some extraterrestrial races on this planet have extremely extended life spans, but he was kept in apparent good health by being housed in a Bacta Tank. When Cal wakes him up and sets him free, he soon demonstrates his fighting prowess against the stealthily vicious Cal. This introduces the concept of using Bacta Tanks to connect several Star Wars periods, which could become a more prevalent option given the franchise’s anticipated future.

Was it Quinlan Vos?

It was formerly believed that Quinlan Vos was the person held captive in the Bacta tank because of his connection to and experience with the dark side, which makes him an Empire-usable weapon.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Who Was in the Tank

Bacta Tanks in Star Wars: Past and Future

The Star Wars series frequently features Bacta Tanks. The equipment, which was first seen in The Empire Strikes Back, is useful for treating severe wounds. A common plot device in many Star Wars books, time spent in the Bacta Tanks can return a person to full strength.

The fact that High Republic Jedi also had access to the technology was already established, but what’s significant about this is that Dagan’s swift recovery after being released from the Bacta Tank suggests it may be a simple way for characters to continue to exist covertly and make cameo appearances in subsequent stories.

With James Manigold’s Dawn of the Jedi delving deeply into the past and Rey’s future storylines examining the series’ future, recent announcements regarding the future of Star Wars suggest that the franchise will be focused on a higher diversity of periods.

The High Republic, the Clone Wars, and the Galactic Civil War are all unique periods in the story, therefore it’s doubtful that most characters would naturally appear in different eras. Characters from one time period may be held and then released in a different one, according to Dagan’s Bacta Tank revelation.

Conclusion: Ally or Enemy?

Given that Cal Kestis made it a top priority to release this individual from incarceration while being pursued by the Empire, the identity and function of the High Republic Jedi may define the entire plot of the game.

It is still unknown if the Jedi from the Bacta Tank will join Cal in the fight against the Empire or turn against the Mantis Crew.

His dislike of being imprisoned suggests that he may either resist his captors or flee to another country to extend his freedom.

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